• Safety Measurements

    Aiming for a Society with No Traffic Accidents

    Toyota utilizes the trinity or considers following the 3 pillars: "Humans / Cars / Traffic Environment."

  • The Tech Behind the Tech

    R&D Movie

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  • The Tech Behind the Tech

    Technology File

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Integrated Safety

Toyota's Philosophy for a Safe Vehicle

Toyota is aiming to develop vehicles and technology based on the “Integrated Safety Management Concept.”

Toyota’s Ultimate Goal

Completely eliminating traffic casualties


To promote an Integrated Three Part Initiative and to pursue “real-world safety”

Basic Philosophy

Integrated Safety Management Concept

Initiatives for Improving Traffic Safety

To achieve Toyota’s ultimate goal of completely eliminating traffic casualties developing safe vehicles is of course important, but it is also essential to educate drivers and pedestrians regarding traffic safety and to create a safe traffic environment. Toward achieving a safe mobility society, Toyota believes it is important to promote an Integrated Three Part Initiative, involving people, vehicles, and the traffic environment, as well as to pursue “real-world safety” by learning from accidents and incorporating that knowledge into vehicle development. Toyota has also defined its Integrated Safety Management Concept as the basic philosophy behind technologies for achieving the elimination of traffic casualties and is moving forward with developing such technologies.

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  • Parking


    Supports the visibility and maneuvering for the driver when parking.

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  • Preventing Accidents “Active Safety”

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  • Parking

    Pre-Collision Safety

    Pre-collision system aims to predict a frontal collision before it happens and helps reduce damages.

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  • Reducing the Damage of Accidents “Passive Safety”

    Based on the concept of "GOA" and raise real-world safety in various accidents.
    GOA (Global Outstanding Assessment)

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  • Rescue


    Emergency dispatch service (ACN) can promptly notify of traffic accidents emergency number automatically.
    ACN : Automatic Crash Notification

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  • Safety Media Tour

    Toyota Safety Technology Media Tour

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  • 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show

    2013 International Consumer Electronics Show

    Toyota displayed experimental vehicle technology such as autonomous technology and advanced safety technology at the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show.

  • The Tech Behind the Tech

    Safety Technology History

    History of safety technologies related to Active Safety, Pre-Collision Safety and Passive Safety dated back from the 1960s.