Pursuit for Vehicle Safety

vehiclesVirtual Human Model– THUMS – simulates the effects on human bodies.

Aiming for a society with no traffic accidents

Crash test dummies are used to evaluate the impact on the passengers during an automobile crash test. The body type and weight of crash test dummies are modeled like humans. However, because the crash test dummies are solidly built for durability purposes, it is difficult to determine how the internal organs are impacted at the time of the collision. Since 1997, Toyota has been developing computer-based virtual human models, known as THUMS,* to analyze and simulate situations that are closer to the actual accident.

THUMS consists of bone structure, ligaments and tendons to further replicate human bodies. Toyota analyzes the injuries to the passengers and the pedestrians through the THUMS software used in simulation. The obtained data has been utilized for helping to develop airbags for side oblique collisions and seats that help reduce whiplash injuries in certain low speed rear-end collisions (WIL Concept Seat). Not only is THUMS utilized by Toyota, but researchers from around the world also have been using it to contribute to improved safety performance.

Additionally, THUMS is constantly being improved. In 2009, Version 4 was developed. It made it possible to analyze, in detail, the impact to internal organs, such as lungs, heart and liver. Toyota will next advance development by adding more body types, such as petite women, and more detailed information on muscles to simulate closer to actual accidents.

*THUMS : Total HUman Model for Safety

On October 3rd, 2011, Toyota Motor Corporation introduced the "THUMS Academic Package" for researchers at universities and other research institutions. The package makes Toyota’s proprietary virtual dummy simulation software available at a reduced price so that it can be used to help further research into the fields of safety technology.

For more information on the "THUMS Academic Package", please contact:

Toyota Technical Development Corporation

JSOL CORPORATION (Contact for universities located outside of Japan)