Supports the driver to stay away from dangerous situations.

Toyota's philosophy for Active Safety is to "help guarantee the safety of cars" and to "help support drivers to prevent accidents."

When driving a car, the driver repeats a cycle of recognition, judgment and maneuvering. Active Safety supports this method of operation and its importance lies in helping to keep dangerous situations away.

It is especially important to lower the risk of failing to recognize potential dangers, which is the cause of 70% of accidents.

In addition, Toyota is utilizing the most advanced technology to strive to improve the three basic functions of a car: drive, turn and stop. Toyota is striving to ensure the safety of all vehicles by evolving the vehicle movement control technology of VSC (vehicle stability control) and VDIM (Vehicle Dynamic Integrated Management).

Orientation of Active Safety

Pre-Collision Safety

Peripheral Surveillance Technology is for drivers to notice the potential danger and decrease the number of recognition errors, which make up around 71% of the causes for accidents.

Technology File – Active Safety

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