Supports the visibility and maneuvering for the driver when parking

Clearance Sonar Detects Objects by Ultrasonic Waves

Clearance Sonar Image

The ultrasonic wave sensor is built into the corners of the bumper. It detects the distance to objects and notifies the driver with sound and display lamp alerts.
There also is a steering-sensor that uses the steering maneuver and angle. It detects the distance of approaching obstacles and notifies a driver by a clearance sonar indication light and buzzer.

Back Guide Monitor Supports Garage Parking

Camera Display Range When backing up the vehicle, please check your surroundings and confirm your safety.

The camera installed on the rear side of the vehicle displays the view when backing into a garage.
A guidance line appears according to how the steering wheel is operated. By letting the driver confirm the parking space into which they are backing, this equipment helps the driver park smoothly.

Intelligent Parking Assist (IPA) Supports Parking Maneuvers
*IPA:Intelligent Parking Assist

This system assists with the steering wheel operation while parallel parking or parking in garages.

When the driver sets the designed parking position on the monitor, the system assists the steering wheel operation.

Even if the driver is not good at parking, they will be able to park their car more smoothly.

Intelligent Parking Assists-Movement Image