Emergency dispatch service (ACN) can promptly notify of traffic accidents emergency number automatically.
ACN : Automatic Crash Notification

Note – The service may vary depending on the country/region

In certain types of severe frontal or side collisions, the front or side airbags immediately are activated. At the same time, the location information of the vehicle is automatically transmitted to the emergency dispatch service center (Help Net Center), if the vehicle is in cellular service range. The operator communicates with passengers in the vehicle and to get additional emergency information.
The system can automatically contact authorities (police department / fire department) in the vicinity, which substantially shortens the time to relay information.

Shortening response time reduces the number of traffic accident fatalities and the severity of injuries. In addition, it helps prevent secondary accidents and decreases traffic jams. (Emergency Dispatch Service (Help Net) is standard equipment for Toyota vehicles with G-BOOK mX, G-BOOK ALPHA and Lexus G-LINK…, only in Japan)