Active Safety

Lane Keeping Assist

Helps keep drivers within lanes

According to NHTSA's data, the 37% of all transportation fatalities in USA are caused by running off from the road. (Figure1)

Lane Keeping Assist technology is designed to alert the driver when the system detects that the vehicle is about to deviate from a traffic lane. The system can also work in conjunction with the Radar Cruise Control system to help the driver steer and keep the vehicle on course.

Ratio of fatal accidents concerning Lane Departure Accidents(United States / highway)


The camera can recognize the lines on certain types of roads and helps keep within the lines.
The camera will recognize the road structure (white lines/yellow lines) and control the Electronic Power Steering (EPS) based on the car's driving situation. This will aid the driver's steering to stay within their lane.

Toyota's Lane Keeping Assist has two functions:

1. The Lane Departure Warning*

Alerts the driver when the vehicle starts to deviate from its lane with a warning buzzer, alert lamp and the application of a small counter-steering force to the steering wheel.

2. Lane Keeping Assist*

When the Rader Cruise Control is activated and the system senses the vehicle deviating from its lane, the system helps the car stay on course near the center of the lane by continuously applying a small amount of counter-steering force.

*These functions may not activate depending on factors such as condition of the lane and the speed of the vehicle due to the road environment and driving conditions.