Passive Safety

Body Structure: Impact-absorbing body and high-strength cabin

The suppression of cabin intrusion and absorption of impact are effective in reducing injury of occupants during a collision.
According to data, the rate of severe injuries increases dramatically past a certain threshold of cabin intrusion.
Using a highly efficient, impact-absorbing body structure and a high-strength cabin, Toyota has designed a collision safety body to preserve residual space for passengers and help reduce injury during a collision.

Cabin intrusion and rate of serious injury
Sample image of impact absorbing and high-strength cabin

Protects occupants with impact absorbing body and a high strength cabin

In order to help reduce the impact on the occupants during a collision and reduce cabin deformation, crumple zones at the front and rear of the vehicle absorb the impact with high efficiency. The cabin uses a body structure that is strong and does not deform easily. To help protect occupants during side collisions, where little crumple zone is available, a high-strength body frame, including the center pillar and the floor cross member, absorbs the impact with decreased deformation.