Passive Safety

Passenger Protection : Case of Frontal Collision

In case of a frontal collision, the crumple zone at the front of the vehicle will effectively absorb the impact. At the same time, seatbelts tightly secure passengers to the seats. During severe collisions, in addition to the seatbelts being secured, airbags will inflate to lessen the impact on chest and head areas.

(1) Body structure

The front and back of a vehicle absorbs impact, and a durable cabin helps protect passenger space - helping to reduce damage from a collision.

Impact Absorption and Load Dispersion Sample Image

(2) Restraint device


Seatbelts equipped with pretensioner and force-limiter mechanisms help enhance occupant protection by holding back the movement of passenger's chest while the belt softens the impact.

SRS airbag

In case of a collision, SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) airbag will quickly open to help protect occupants from serious or fatal injuries.

Name of airbag and location

*Black letters represent the airbags activated in frontal collision

Conditions to activate airbag (in the case of frontal collision)

Synergy Effect Between the Seatbelt and Airbag

Safety of Child Seat PDF (PDF, 411kb/1p)