Passive Safety

Passenger Protection : Case of Rear Collision

At the time of a rear-end collision, the chassis effectively absorbs the impact to minimize the deformation of the passenger cabin. At the same time, the WIL(Whiplash Injury Lessening) concept seat lessens injury from whiplash for the passengers.

(1)Body structure

The chassis is designed to effectively distribute and absorb impacts from rear-end collisions. The strengthened cabin helps to protect the passenger space and is designed to help reduce casualties.

Impact Absorption and Load Dispersion Sample Image

(2) Restraint device

Whiplash Injury Lessening (WIL) Concept Seat

WIL Concept Seat helps lessen passenger's whiplash injury from the impact caused by certain low-speed rear-end collisions.

SRS airbag

In the event of a collision, SRS Airbag inflates immediately to help absorb the impact from the collision.

SRS Rear Window Curtain Shield Airbag (equipped for iQ)

Upon impact from behind, the air bag inflates from above the rear seat passenger compartment to ease impact with interior components and the rear window.