Passive Safety

Passenger Protection : Case of Side Collision

Deformation of the vehicle can be reduced during side collision by enlarging the locker panel and the center pillar, as well as strengthening the door lock area. Additionally, the intrusion rate of the doors being pushed into the cabin will be reduced and the impact of the collision will be distributed and absorbed effectively. In case of a severe collision, seatbelts restrain passengers and the SRS side and curtain air bag activates to help reduce impact on heads and chests.

Affected parts in car fatalities during side collision (in Japan)

Analysis based on 2005 data by the Institute for Traffic Accident Research and Data Analysis

(1)Body structure

The durable body form including the center pillar, rockers, and floor cross rockers etc., helps protect passenger space - helping to reduce damage from a collision. Impact Absorption and Load Dispersion Sample Image

(2)Restraint device

SRS airbag

In case of a collision, the SRS frontal airbags will deploy to help protect the occupants from serious or fatal injuries.

Name of airbag and location

*Black letters represent the airbags activated in side collision