Ha:mo service in Grenoble, France

The future of mobility is on the move

From October 1st TOYOTA i-ROAD will be in action in Grenoble!

On September 12th, the launch ceremony was held in Grenoble, France, the venue of the verification project. At that time it was announced that the actual verification project would commence from October 1st.
This ceremony was held with a large mass media presence from all parts of the world. Toyota Chairman Takeshi Uchiyamada commented with great fervor, "TOYOTA is constantly seeking new forms of mobility to change the amazement of today into the commonplace of tomorrow."
He also said, "The urban transportation sector is a new growth arena for the next generation of TOYOTA". In this way he expressed his passion for this verification project.

i-ROAD has transformed urban mobility

i-ROAD is a new concept in mobility eminently suited to city movement and has added vivid color to urban lifestyles. The automatic active lean mechanism is a new sensation for drivers. Machine and driver are as one… an exhilarating new sense of swift motion and a pleasant and refreshing way of enjoying the ordinary drive experience.

TOYOTA i-ROAD - Urban Style Ahead / Behind the scenes



Driving i-ROAD is just like skiing!

They appear like skiers in Grenoble, a city famed for winter sports.
The automatic active lean mechanism ensures smooth cornering with outstanding stability on bumpy surfaces. Machine and driver are as one cutting swiftly through the air … a new sense of exhilaration!

TOYOTA i-ROAD - Active Lean Performance / Behind the scenes



The Grenoble verification project aims to achieve innovation in urban access.

TOYOTA, together with several partners, is participating in a 3-year verification project involving ultra-compact EV car sharing in the city of Grenoble, France.
Through this project, urban mobility will become much smoother and traffic congestion will be alleviated.

Due to future increases in population, new mobility systems will become necessary.

The diversification of mobility methods is a factor in easing traffic congestion, and this is seen as contributing to the realization of a low carbon society.


TOYOTA's contribution in Grenoble

・A last-mile mobility management system and a smartphone app based on Ha:mo are provided. (Cooperation: Cité lib)

・70 ultra-compact EVs will be provided (35 i-ROAD and 35 COMS units)




Multimodal navigation service
Station Mobile

A smartphone app will provide the optimal route guidance through a combination of private cars, public transport and last-mile mobility.


Last-mile mobility service
Cité lib by Ha:mo

A range of choices of ultra-compact EVs (i-ROAD and COMS) for mobility to the final destination will be provided.
This smartphone app enables confirmation of availability and charging status of EVs as well as reservation.


The City of Grenoble in France is a place where leading edge research institutes gather in the natural beauty of the region

Grenoble is located in the South East of France and the rail journey from Paris takes about three hours.
It is a city near the French Alps with a population of about 150,000 people.
(Population in the metropolitan area is 400,000)
This beautiful city lies at the foot of a mountain range and it is famous for the presence of advance level institutes of learning and research. It is also a popular winter resort and the Winter Olympics were held here in 1968.


Next Generation Urban Traffic System

TOYOTA "Multi-modal Navigation System"

i-ROAD was developed from the start to be used for One-Mile Mobility in the Next Generation Urban Traffic System's "Multi-modal Navigation System." Analyzing traffic conditions, this system combines driving with public transit and One-Mile Mobility to deliver the most efficient route to your smartphone. In doing so, we will help reduce traffic and greenhouse gases, making your town a better place to live.

* TOYOTA multimodal navigation not available during the Grenoble Verification Project



City of Grenoble

Allocation of parking spaces for the car-sharing system.

the Grenoble-Alpes Métropole

Connection to the Station Mobile trip planner.

Cité lib

Customer relationship management and daily vehicle and charger maintenance.

EDF Group

Planning, installation and operation of the Charging stations (120 in 27 locations) across the Grenoble-Alpes Métropole.


A total of 70 ultra-compact EVs will be provided (35 COMS and 35 i-ROAD units), and provision of the Last-Mile Mobility Management System to manage the interconnectivity between users, vehicles, charging stations and the web-based Station Mobile trip planner.

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The smart mobility society considers the future of people, vehicles and communities

TOYOTA envisions a "smart mobility society" that contributes to a low carbon society and is working to achieve this goal in four key sectors.
TOYOTA links people, vehicles and communities through new technology and new concepts to create a motorized society that is vastly more eco-friendly and enjoyable.
TOYOTA is progressively making these dreams come true.



Toyota City in Japan

During the demonstrations being held in Toyota City, Japan TOYOTA is providing last-mile mobility and multimodal navigation.


Toward the realization of a smart mobility society – Another epic challenge by Toyota!

Intelligent Transport Systems

Cars speaking to each other?

Next Generation Urban Traffic System

What is i-ROAD urban social mobility?