3Next Generation Urban Traffic System

Next Generation Urban Traffic System

By linking cars with public transit and one mile mobility systems, the Next Generation Urban Traffic System will help you enjoy stress-free transport.




Connecting cars and other transport

Reach your destination using more than just cars. Leave your car at the nearest station and travel in a smart and environmentally-friendly way using trains and sharing services for small vehicles like EVs and electric-assist bicycles.


A new form of transport for
next generation traffic systems.


The i-ROAD. An ultra-compact electric vehicle with only three wheels. A new breed of vehicle from Toyota built using the latest technologies, offering exhilarating, compact mobility for short-distance city driving. Its small footprint results in impressive maneuverability, navigating narrow streets quickly and smoothly. These features mean the i-ROAD will contribute to decreased congestion and need for parking, helping maintain clean communities that produce fewer greenhouse gases.

i-ROAD - Innovation


The feel of an i-ROAD

Not a car. Not a bike.
Feel at one with your vehicle.

The feel of an i-ROAD. When you first grip the steering wheel, the feeling is like no other vehicle you’ve ever been in. Active Lean technology automatically raises and lowers the front wheels to balance the vehicle, even when turning sharply or on uneven or sloped roads. With no need for the driver to balance the vehicle, you can drive confidently. A new innovation, different from a car or a bike, the i-ROAD is designed to make you feel confident on the road.

Ultra-compact design.

Saving space in the city.
Ultra-compact design.

At 850mm wide, the ultra-compact i-ROAD is perfect for getting out with your special someone. There’s no need to take up the whole road, driving and parking in spaces a half to a quarter the size of other vehicles. The feel of the interior has also been carefully considered, fully enclosed from noise and the elements so you can enjoy music or a relaxed conversation.

TOYOTA i-ROAD Technical Specifications

Wheel base(mm)1,695
Unloaded weight(kg)300∗1
Tire size (Front)80/90-16
Capacity(number of people)1(Japan) • 2(Europe)
Turning radius(m)3.0
Power trainElectric motor(2kw×2)
Top speed(km/h)60(Japan) • 45(Europe)∗2
BatteryLithium-ion battery
  • ∗1 Weight without passengers or luggage
  • ∗2 In accordance with European regulations for vehicles in the i-Road's category
  • ∗3 Estimated range of 50km at a speed of 30km/h per charge by 2016 - 42km by 2014
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Easy to use with your smartphone

Easy to use with your smartphone.

Easy for anyone. In terms of ease of use, the i-ROAD is leagues ahead of any other vehicle. From making car sharing reservations to unlocking the vehicle, everything is controllable via smartphone*, reducing the distance between you and convenient mobility.
*Available only with Ha:mo (Harmonious Mobility Network)
What is Ha:mo?


50km on one charge -
efficient performance.

With a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and highly efficient electric powertrain, the i-ROAD can travel up to 50km* on one charge when driving at city speeds. Further, since you can charge at night or using solar, the i-ROAD helps reduce energy load on the community.
∗ Estimated range of 50km at a speed of 30km/h per charge by 2016 - 42km by 2014

1Mile Mobility

Perfect for short trips
“One Mile Mobility.”

From the station to the store or from work to the doctor’s office, the i-ROAD makes short trips easy. Planned to be available as part of a vehicle sharing service* that includes electric-assist bicycles, you can cruise through town then drop off your i-ROAD at the nearest sharing station to your destination. Toyota is developing an environmentally-friendly, readily-available form of transport like no other.
*To be included in the Ha:mo Urban Transport System proving test currently being carried out in Toyota City in 2014.
Learn More About One Mile Mobility

One-Mile Mobility

Reducing traffic and greenhouse gases in your community.

The i-ROAD was developed from the start to be used for One-Mile Mobility in the Next Generation Urban Traffic System’s “Multi-modal Navigation System.” Analyzing traffic conditions, this system combines driving with public transit and One-Mile Mobility to deliver the most efficient route to your smartphone. In doing so, we will help reduce traffic and greenhouse gases, making your town a better place to live.

Ha:mo concept

Using the i-ROAD
with various types of public transit.

The i-ROAD will play a role in Next Generation Traffic Management, used as part of multi-modal navigation systems to easily navigate your town. When needed, the system analyzes traffic conditions, then uses cars, buses, and other forms of public transit along with the i-ROAD to determine the most efficient route and delivers it to your smart phone.