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Toyota's Effort

Vision & Philosophy Vision & Philosophy
Striving to create outstanding earth-friendly products for sustainable growth, Toyota honors the laws, customs and cultures of all nations
CSR Initiatives CSR Management
Introducing President's message, Toyota's CSR policy, organization / structure, corporate governance, KPI and data.
Environmental Technology Social Aspects
Toyota's initiatives for traffic safety, quality first, creating the future society, respect for human rights, etc. keeping with every stakeholder.
Environmental Responsibility Environment
Everything from Toyota's basic stance to specific initiatives being put in place to better the environment.
Traffic Safety For Traffic Safety
Toyota believes it is important to promote an Integrated Three Part Initiative, involving people, vehicles, and the traffic environment, as well as to pursue "real-world safety" by learning from accidents and incorporating that knowledge into vehicle development.
Corporate Citizenship Social Contribution Activities
Toyota is actively engaging in social contribution activities to support the sustainable development of a flourishing society with the aim of being a good corporate citizen.
Environmental Technology Environmental Technology
From hybrids and electric vehicles to fuel cell technology, learn how Toyota automobiles are the key for tomorrow's eco-driving
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