PRIUS Design Elements

Shaped by the wind

It’s difficult to walk against the wind, isn’t it? And, sometimes the wind is so strong that we don’t even try to ride a bike.

The aerodynamic force on a moving car must be even stronger. Considering that we cannot experience or anticipate the sensation, have you ever thought what would be the ideal form in this wind?

Because the shape of an airplane wing makes it soar into the sky as it cuts through the air, anyone might imagine that, theoretically, a race car is the ideal for speed.

In a regular car, when the air hitting the front, flowing off the rear and even past the antenna, isn’t smooth, it becomes a load factor. When rotating tires enter the air stream; they cause further air resistance. The greater the effect of aerodynamic force is, the more fuel efficiency is reduced.

Equipped with means to reduce the effect of aerodynamic force on a regular car, the PRIUS has a design that controls aerodynamics. Now at one glance, its form has become a synonym for the ecologically good car in more than 40 countries worldwide.

Not just kind to the environment, kind to people too

Not satisfied with just loading the vehicle with advanced features for a low fuel consumption Eco-car, but seeking a car that is friendly both to the environment and to people, PRIUS has been given special exterior and interior designs.

A human Touch

To create a characteristic exterior with a new value that with one look will exude a sense of comfort and the warmth of glossy ceramics; expressing the people-friendliness of the Eco-car.

A human Touch

User Friendly

Additionally, for more driver-friendly operation inside, the indicator area and the operation area have been clearly divided.

Inspired by Nature

Switches ripple out from the shift lever in a pattern almost like the surface of water, and materials used in the instrument panel and seat covers have been designed with the soft, luxurious sense of the patterns of a leaf vein.

The design is a response to the idea that “a car should always be for the person”.

Evolution of the 3rd Generation PRIUS Design

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  • Design Image

  • Prototype

  • Initial Model (Proposal A)

  • Initial Model (Proposal B)

  • Mid-term Model

  • Final Model