Corporate Citizenship

Principles and Policies

Corporate Citizenship Activities

  • Environment

    From reforestation to environmental education - Toyota is actively working to keep our planet green and healthy

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  • Traffic Safety
    Traffic Safety

    A look at the international programs Toyota has set up with the goal of eliminating traffic deaths and injuries

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  • Education

    Toyota uses its manufacturing expertise to promote science and technology for the education of our future leaders

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  • Society and Culture / Volunteer
    Society and Culture / Volunteer

    Assisting local social contribution projects, welfare services support, self-reliance encouragement and other initiatives

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  • Protecting flora and fauna ecosystems
    Protecting flora and fauna ecosystems

    Flora and fauna biodiversity conservation activities are carried out worldwide cooperating with goverments, NPOs, and local citizens.

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  • Toyota's Forestry
    Toyota's Forestry

    Toyota has been developing various sustainable forestation activities, via human resource development and collaboration with regions, as well as the development of a symbiotic system with forests.

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