Toyota uses its manufacturing expertise to hold programs that promote the advancement of science and technology and supports the implementation of educational programs worldwide that will develop future leaders.


Toyota Teach (South Africa)

To improve the basic scholastic abilities of elementary and junior high school children, TSAM began the Toyota Teach educational program, which is aimed at teachers and provides training in teaching methods for English, Mathematics, and Science.


Toyota Study Assistance Program (China)

TMC has been conducting a scholarship program since 2006 in cooperation with China's Soong Ching Ling Foundation to assist students in central and western China who face difficulties in continuing or completing their studies at the university level for economic reasons.

Scientific Jack-in-the-Box! The Why/What Lecture (Japan)

Toyota dispatches Toyota Engineering Society members to science and other museums nationwide and undertakes a science workshop program to promote interest in the spirit of "making things" and in science and technology to foster the dreams of children.

Toyota Children Meet Artists Program (Japan)

Toyota holds workshop-style classes in collaboration with local NPOs to foster children's values and rich aesthetic sense through interactions with artists.

Automobile Technical Training Course for Brazilian Residents in Japan (Japan)

The full-time yearlong Automobile Technical Training Course is held in Portuguese for Brazilian Residents in Japan.

Toyota Technological Institute (Japan)

Though TTI has a history of only 29 years, it has already been recognized as one of the world’s leading academic institutions in research.

Toyota Dream-Plus Scholarship (Korea)

Starting in 2005、TMKR has provided scholarship in collaboration with Beautiful Foundation (NGO) for economically disadvantaged high schools students (45 students/year)

Saudi Japanese Automobile High Institute (Saudi Arabia)

The institute provides advanced training in automotive technology and repair, and it mediates employment for graduates at the participating Saudi distributors of Japanese automobiles.


The Toyota Technology Challenge (United Kingdom)

Toyota conducts contests to support science and technology education with the aim of "having fun while exploring possibilities in environmentally friendly vehicle engineering."

North America

Toyota Family Literacy Program (United States)

TMA has helped NCFL develop the program that promotes literacy by providing educational opportunities for both children and their parents.