Toyota Environmental Activities Grant Program

Application Procedure

How to Apply

Submission of application was closed on June 10, 2014.  We really appreciate for your consideration and participation in our Program.

Application Period

From Tuesday, April 15 to Tuesday, June 10, 2014
Application must be arrived by June 10, 2014

Schedule for selection

Two-staged selection (first-stage selection/ final selection) will be conducted. Projects being qualified the first-stage selection will be required another application form for the final selection.

Schedule for selection

Application Procedures


As a general rule, only applications in digital format will be accepted.

E-mail address for applications

E-mail address


1) For information security, please be sure to send with PASSWORD when you send application forms including personal information. The PASSWORD should be sent separately from application forms via e-mail.
2) Receipt acknowledgement message is not automatically sent by return. We recommend you to request us a confirmation to make sure your application.

For any inquiries relating to Toyota Environmental Activities Grant Program, please feel free to ask the Secretariat.

Contact Information

Toyota Environmental Activities Grant Program Secretariat

E-mail address


The above e-mail address does not accept the application form. This is only for inquiries relating to the Program.


Applications must reach us no later than Tuesday, June 10, 2014 (Japan Standard Time).

Application Documents

(i) Application Forms
  • Application forms are available online in Excel format. They can be downloaded from the TOYOTA website.
    Download Application Forms
(ii) Other required documents (for the final selection)
  • Brochures that include applicants' information (such as the organizational structure, overview of project activities and financial statement) should be sent along with the Application forms for the final selection. In case an appropriate brochure is not available, please attach a sheet of paper describing the above-mentioned information.
  • Brochures of (local) counterpart(s) are also required in case of the project has counterpart(s).
  • Pictures of project implementation site(s) if available.
(iii) Filling out Application Forms
  • Applicants are encouraged to refer to the items listed as selection criteria.
  • Project information should be provided in brief in the space allocated and within the given number of pages.
  • Grant requests should be made in Japanese Yen under both grants.

Personal Information Protection(Privacy Policy)

  • Personal information provided in application forms will be used only for the purpose of operating the Grant Program.
  • Personal information provided will be firmly secured under an established personal information control system.
  • Personal information provided will be properly disposed of on TOYOTA's own responsibility.
  • Applicants might be received the information on the Grant Program from the Secretariat in the future. They will be immediately out of the mailing list upon their request.


  • Once submitted, applications may not be amended or rewritten.
  • Applicants are requested to notify the Secretariat of any change of address after the submission of the application.
  • Due to the large number of applications, information associated with the Committee's decisions cannot be released.
  • Applications cannot be returned. Please be advised that the application and/or attached documents you provided are disclosed to the people who involved in the program.
  • Grantees are requested to make a contract with TOYOTA by exchanging an Agreement. Agreement form for the previous fiscal year is available at TOYOTA Website.
  • The project proposal must be made by consensus of all decision makers of the applicant party when the application is submitted.