Environmentally Conservation Initiatives

Toyota Shirakawa-Go Eco-Institute

The 21st century has been dubbed the century of the environment.

The Toyota Shirakawa-Go Eco-Institute opened in April 2005 to respond to the educational needs of this new environmental age.

Toyota Shirakawa-Go Eco Institute is located in the heart of nature at the foot of Mount Hakusan in the village of Shirakawa, a world heritage site. The school offers various hands-on nature programs throughout a year that both children and adults can enjoy.
Our aim is to provide a relaxing setting where visitors can deepen their appreciation on nature and learn the importance of coexistence with nature by participating the nature programs and staying in the village.

Experience Nature

The programs offered include an experience program, through which you can feel beautiful nature at the foot of Mt. Hakusan and learn traditional culture of the Shirakawa-Go (a world heritage site) and leading edge environmental technologies. We hope, through your experiences in the village, you will come to notice a beauty of natural richness around you in ordinary life. A tailor-made program is also available, which will be designed according to your particular objectives and the best suited to your desire for learning and making new discoveries.

Guide walk

Walking guide in the "gassho" village

Mini hydro-electric power generation

Thinning operation in the forest

Nature program to learn how to nurture good human relationships

Coexistence Projects

We are creating the small hamlet "Shirakwa-Go Magarino sato" in order to introduce people to nature and to bridge the past and the future. It is essential for environmental education to promote activities from a long-term viewpoint, such as "Satoyama / Okuyama(deep mountains) / living creatures Project, "Tree-planting Project" and "Project to revive old paths", etc.

"Satoyama / Okuyama (deep mountains) / living creature Project"
We are creating a forest where people and creatures living around the Eco Institute, such as Gifu swallowtail butterflies and Asiatic black bears, can coexist.

"Tree-planting Project" We are planting beech and other trees on a hillside created from soil excavated from a tunnel on the Tokai-Hokuriku Expressway.