Environmentally Conservation Initiatives

Toyota Shirakawa-Go Eco-Institute

Recycling-based Model (environmental technologies utilized in the facility)

Heated by burning waste material (pellet heater) and cooled by snow allows one to live comfortably and symbiotically with nature using all-natural energy sources

Pellet heater

Generate energy from wind/solar power

Earth tube

Snow chamber

The Outline of an Institution

An Eco-tour Of Beautiful Starry Skies and Hot Springs that Allows Visitors to Experience Nature

The facility seeks to create a space that provides the ultimate in mental and physical refreshment and it is equipped with furniture made from local timber and other amenities to create a relaxing environment. Particular attention has been paid to making stays at the school pleasant and relaxing. Visitors can enjoy the lush natural environment typified by its star-filled night sky, take a soothing bath in natural hot springs, and enjoy the wonderful flavor of food prepared from the local fruits of the sea and forest.

The lobby features a fireplace and well-crafted furniture.

The high-ceilinged restaurant is bathed in natural light for a relaxing dining experience.

There are two lodging facilities—the east guesthouse which has standard accommodations for 40 guests and the west guesthouse which is designed for up to 60 course participants—and include two-person Western-style rooms and four-person Western-style and Japanese-style rooms. The Seminar House has the Event Hall that can accommodate up to 200 people and the Study Hall for up to 70 people. Both are suitable for use by both children and adults and can be used for a variety of different purposes.

A twin bedroom in the east guesthouse.

The Event Hall can accommodate up to 100 people when used in the "school" layout.

Indoor bath made from the wood of cypress trees and the outdoor bath.


2 1/2 hours from Tokyo
Haneda-Toyama Airport
- Tokai Hokuriku Highway

3 hours and 45minutes from Osaka
Meishin Expressway
– Tokai Hokuriku Highway

2 hours and 15 minutes from Nagoya
Tokai Hokuriku Highway
– National Route 156

1hour and 45minutes from Gifu
Tokai Hokuriku Highway
– National Route 156

TOYOTA Shirakawa-Go

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