Society and Culture

Toyota is working toward creating a harmonious, self-sustaining society where a diverse range of people respect one another and work together, by assisting with local social contribution projects, supporting welfare services, encouraging self-reliance and other initiatives.


Arts and Culture

Toyota Master Players , Wien (Japan)

Toyota has arranged these special concerts in conjunction with the world-renowned Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

Toyota Community Concerts (Japan)

Toyota Motor Corporation and its Japanese sales companies are working in conjunction with the Federation of Japan Amateur Orchestras to support local amateur orchestras and to contribute to the promotion of local culture through music.

Toyota Youth Orchestra Camp (Japan)

Toyota and the Federation of Japan Amateur Orchestras sponsor four-day music camps for youths nationwide with leading musicians as instructors to promote the development of future leaders through music.

Toyota Music Library

This library of sheet music is open to a variety of groups, from school to civic orchestras.

Toyota Lobby Concerts (Japan)

In order to make high quality music easily accessible to the local community, Toyota enlists the cooperation of people in the local community, particularly volunteers from among Toyota employees, to help with concerts held in the 1st floor lobby of the Toyota Motor Corporation's Tokyo Head Office.

Toyota Choreography Award (Japan)

Working together with the Setagaya Public Theatre, Toyota uses this award as a means of seeking out and nurturing the next generation of choreographers.

Toyota Creative Space Project (Japan)

Toyota offers its corporate facilities for contemporary dance performers to use as a 'creative space' for rehearsals prior to public performances and for the creation of new works.

Toyota Art Management (TAM)

This comprehensive art management site has been established as an archive of the Toyota Art Management (TAM) Seminars from 1996 to 2004 and as a source for a variety of information related to art management.


The Toyota Foundation (Japan)

The Toyota Foundation was established to work "for the sake of greater human happiness" in October 1974.

Humanitarian and natural disaster relief

Humanitarian and natural disaster relief (Japan)

Toyota provides assistance with rehabilitation and reconstruction in areas and populations that have been affected by natural disasters.


Maison de la culture du Japon a Paris

Toyota is a supporter of Japan's only comprehensive cultural facility overseas, la Maison de la culture du Japon a Paris, which uses culture-oriented productions to introduce Japan and its culture.

North America

Kaizen(continuous improvement) activities based on the Toyota Production System(USA)

The Toyota Production System Support Center (TSSC) was founded in Lexington (now located in Erlanger), Kentucky, in 1992 with "contributing to society by sharing Toyota Production System (TPS) and help improve North American industries," especially manufacturing, as one of their missions. Not limited to Toyota suppliers, TSSC shares TPS know-how to North American companies and organizations which are truly interested in learning and implementing TPS.


Toyota in the U.S. donates 100 cars to 100 NPOs in a wide range of areas including environment, education and health & welfare to contribute to the society in response to their need.

South America

Pinta tu Escuela (Paint Your School) (Venezuela)

Through "Pinta Tu Escuela" program, TDV is helping children by improving their elementary school environment, including restoring and constructing school buildings.


Companies and employees need to take an active part in developing local communities to promote sustainable growth. Toyota supports its employee volunteer activities to develop communities where everyone respects and supports each other.

The Toyota Volunteer Center, established within the company in 1993, works with all plants and offices to support volunteer activities targeting its employees (including their family members and retirees). Currently, the center plans and conducts activities that address various issues surrounding communities in three key fields: environment, disaster relief and welfare. The center encourages many employees who say "I am interested in volunteering, but have no chance to get involved," to participate in its original programs and other activities held by local organizations.

The symbol mark of Toyota Volunteer center
The symbol mark of Toyota Volunteer center

Providing Easy Chances to Join Activities

Internal Volunteer Group Initiatives

Volunteer groups made up of Toyota employees who share similar interests, abilities and goals have been organized to enjoy putting them to use for the good of the local community.

Toyota Volunteer Plaza

Toyota Group companies hold this event to allow people to have fun experiencing and learning about volunteering.

Company-wide Used Goods Collection

A simple volunteer activity to collect and donate postmarked postage stamps, foreign coins etc.


Forest Maintenance Activities

Volunteers thin and prune planted forests that have been abandoned and helping them regain their vigor.

Tree-Planting Volunteer in Overseas

In China and the Philippines, where Toyota has carried out reforestation projects, employee volunteers also join tree-planting activities.

Restoring and Harvesting Thatch at Shirakawa-Go

Restoring the thatch fields and harvesting/clearing the thatch for use as the roofing material for the historic style house at Shirakawa-Go, a World Heritage site.

Preserving Loggerhead Turtle Spawning Beaches

These activities involve the establishment of erosion-prevention hedges on coasts in order to halt sand erosion. In this way, an environment is created that is conducive to spawning for sea turtles.

Disaster Relief

Disaster Area Recovery Support by Toyota Group
Disaster Area Recovery Support by Toyota Group

Toyota Group employees are volunteering in activities supporting recovery and restoration in the aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Furniture Safety Activities

Volunteers visit the houses of elderly people living alone to help prevent and minimize damage during earthquakes by taking measures such as securing furniture.


New Life in Society Seminar

Events are held to encourage and celebrate the residents of children's homes as they prepare to leave to make a new beginning outside their homes in employment or further education.

Yacht Race for the Disabled

Volunteers assist participants with physical disabilities at a yacht race.


Toyota participates in the Table for Two Program, which contributes to provide school lunches to African countries.