Internal Volunteer Group Initiatives

Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC)

Group activities organized by employees who share interests and abilities

Volunteer groups allow TMC employees who share similar interests, abilities and goals to enjoy putting them to use for the good of the community. One of the groups, known as JDR Toyota, dedicates itself to planning fun volunteer events, while another group, Toys Repairers, organizes toy repair events where the members fix broken children's toys and let them recognize the importance of taking care of their things. The 12 different groups that interested TMC employees currently belong to also enjoy interacting with members of their local communities, such as by visiting with people in nursing homes.

Circle Activities under the Volunteer Center
JDR Toyota Planning and conducting volunteer activities, especially those welcome to first-time participants (JDR stands for "Jan Dara Rin" which are common phrases of Mikawa dialect in Aichi.)
Furniture Safety Installing braces to prevent wardrobes and other large furniture in the homes of single elderly persons from toppling in earthquakes
Bus Driving Service Providing driving services for buses in support of community events
At the Movies Producing subtitles for movies and television programs for hearing-impaired individuals
Music & Harmony Giving instrumental musical performances and other stage performances at gatherings of children and of elderly persons
Toys Repairers Repairing toys at toy-lending centers and at other public facilities
Crafts Creating Overseeing activities for crafting creations from plastic bottles, balloons and other materials at volunteer events
Kinuura Farmers Planning and conducting volunteer agricultural and horticultural activities
Toyota Forest Keepers Studying the value of forests and doing thinning and clearing work to support sound forest growth
Aikuru Planning and conducting volunteer activities at the Tahara Plant and in the surrounding community
Circle of Wisdom Planning and conducting volunteer activities at the Higashi-Fuji Technical Center and in the surrounding community
Driving Service at Shibetsu Providing driving services for people using wheelchairs from their house to the station

Music & Harmony
Music & Harmony

Bus Driving Service
Bus Driving Service

Toys Repairers
Toys Repairers