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In order for automobiles to develop as a means of transportation that continue to provide the convenience of mobility in the future, it is important to minimize the negative effects of environmental impact, traffic accidents and traffic congestion. With the aim of achieving an affluent mobile society, Toyota has for some time positioned the response to this social task as an extremely important issue and has been actively involved in addressing it.

In terms of safety, Toyota is aiming for the complete elimination of traffic deaths and injuries and is advancing initiatives for traffic safety by viewing people, vehicles and the traffic environment as an integrated whole. In addition to making safe vehicles, we are taking a comprehensive approach with initiatives such as educating people, including drivers and pedestrians and making proposals toward the creation of a safe traffic environment.

Traffic Safety Education Activities

Toyota has conducted traffic safety education activities since the 1960s. These education activities are carried out continuously and are aimed at a wide cross section of society, from safe driving courses for current drivers to traffic safety education activities for children. One of these activities involves the distribution of a traffic safety picture book to all nursery school and kindergarten-aged children in Japan. These picture books were first distributed in 1969 and since then a total of over 100 million copies have been distributed. In addition, Toyota carries out traffic safety education activities around the world through its overseas affiliates and even approaches foreign governments with policy suggestions and other ideas to improve traffic safety.

Specific Examples of Activities


Toyota Driver Communication

Toyota Driver Communication is an original safe-driving program developed by Toyota that is aimed at the wide population of general drivers for the purpose of raising their awareness and knowledge about driving safely.

Hands-On Traffic Safety Events

Toyota holds traffic safety events at large shopping malls, community event sites, and other venues throughout Japan where people can get real, hands-on experience through a variety of traffic safety courses.

Toyota Traffic Safety Campaign

Every year in the spring and fall, in conjunction with Japan's national traffic safety campaigns, Toyota carries out its Toyota Traffic Safety Campaign with the cooperation of its vehicle dealers, logistics system companies, forklift dealers, parts distributors, and rental/lease dealers.

Donating Traffic Safety Education Materials to Children

Toyota distributes traffic safety education materials to all children who enter nursery school or kindergarten as well as to nursery schools, kindergartens, main libraries, and children's facilities throughout Japan as a part of its education activities for young children.

Toyota Safety School

Every year Toyota runs traffic safety classes where children attending nursery schools and kindergartens located near Toyota facilities can learn traffic rules in a fun way.

Traffic Safety Websites

Toyota provides useful traffic safety information via the Internet on the Toyota Safety Education Center Mobilitas website and "Kodomo-bilitas" traffic safety website for children.

Toyota Safety Education Program (India)

In response to a rapid increase in traffic accidents in urban areas of India TKM has initiated the Toyota Safety Education Program (TSEP) to educate children on basic road safety procedures and create a sense of road safety amongst children aged between 6 and 12.

White Road Campaign (Thailand)

The project of Road Safety School Visit by "Milky Way & the Gang" characters that aims to teach children about traffic safety has started since 2005.

Toyota Traffic Safety Experience (China)

Toyota Motor (China) Investment Co., Ltd. (TMCI) has been holding experience-based traffic safety events in cooperation with local governments, police, and Toyota's affiliates with the aim of raising safety awareness hand-in-hand with local communities.

North America

Toyota Driving Expectations (United States)

TMS developed the "Toyota Driving Expectations" program to teach defensive driving to teen and their parents.

South America

Toyota y Vos (Toyota and You) (Argentina)

TASA has developed a driving-safety campaign for teenaged drivers and their parents that includes behind-the-wheel experience. The stylized logo proclaims the campaign's flagship slogan, "Toyota and You", in Spanish.

History of Toyota's Traffic Safety Education Activities

Learn about the history of Toyota's traffic safety activities up to the present.


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