[Message] Stable Base of Business

Achieving sustainable growth through the virtuous cycle. Making always better cars and enriching lives of communities leads to a stable base of business

People are what hold up Toyota's base of business. Each of Toyota's more than 300,000 employees around the world share the Toyota values that have been passed down since its establishment.the Toyota Precepts, Toyota Guiding Principles, and Toyota Way.while carrying out their individual business activities. The sharing of such global values is the foundation of making always better cars, contributing to society through these cars, and consequently increasing sales and profit. This leads to reinvestment in the making of always better cars. Toyota's concept for its business activities is to accomplish sustainable growth through this cycle. Toyota will work to create a solid business base that is able to respond to changes in the business environment and support this cycle through further, continual improvements.

Sharing the Toyota Way Globally

Since its foundation, Toyota has contributed to society through pursuing "conscientious monozukuri(manufacturing)" as its philosophy. Within this philosophy, beliefs and values for business original to Toyota have been created and techniques for management and implementation have been devised to be fostered as the source of Toyota's competitive power. Business beliefs and values such as these handed down as tacit knowledge have been organized and compiled into the "Toyota Way 2001" so that they can be viewed and understood by all employees. With "Continuous Improvement" and "Respect for People" as its pillars, the Toyota Way 2001 has five keywords: "Challenge," "Kaizen," "Genchi Genbutsu," "Respect," and "Teamwork." The Toyota Way is shared throughout Toyota globally, and putting it into practice will lead to the creation of a more stable base of business and contribute to the making of always better cars and enriching lives of communities.