Toyota's CSR Concepts

Toyota Global Vision

The 'Toyota Global Vision' announced in March 2011, is an articulation of what kind of company we want to be - what kind of company we ought to be. It clarifies our value, "we want Toyota to be a company that customers choose and brings a smile to every customer who chooses it." The 'Toyota Global Vision' is a distillation of our resolve at Toyota for the future.

"Rewarded with a smile by exceeding your expectations"

Toyota will lead the way to the future of mobility, enriching lives around the world with the safest and most responsible ways of moving people.

Through our commitment to quality, constant innovation and respect for the planet, we aim to exceed expectations and be rewarded with a smile.

We will meet challenging goals by engaging the talent and passion of people, who believe there is always a better way.

Toyota Visionary Management:The Tree Metaphor

Toyota has employed a tree metaphor-focusing on "roots", "trunk" and "fruit"-in expressing the Toyota Global Vision.

"Toyota Global Vision" Press Briefing

"Global Vision for Those We Serve"

Defining the Ideal Form of the Company for Each Stakeholder and the Outline for the Future It Should Take in Order to Realize the Global Vision

The Toyota Global Vision defines the ideal form of the company and a path it should take. The "Global Vision for Those We Serve" is a written statement of what kind of company Toyota wants to be for each stakeholder in an effort to realize it. Stakeholders supported the company when we faced a sequence of challenges including the global financial crisis and quality issues as well as the Great East Japan Earthquake disaster that occurred in March 2011.

In order to appreciate and recompense them for their support, and also continue to grow together with such supporters, Toyota will constantly reform itself to achieve higher goals.

Defining the Ideal Form of the Company

Global Vision for Those We Serve
― Process for devising KPI Strategic Focus ―

After we drew up the Global Vision for Those We Serve, which describes how we embody the Toyota Global Vision, we commenced full-scale KPI (Key Performance Indicators) development. Based on the KPI Strategic Focus, which were newly-established after a process extending over two years, our CSR activities have been further enhanced from FY2012 involving the efforts of both external experts and Toyota executives.

Toyota Stakeholder Dialogue

Communicating with Stakeholders

Since 2001, Toyota has held the Toyota Stakeholder Dialogue each year with participants from a range of corporations and institutions, to bolster communication with external experts in CSR. In 2011, such Dialogues were convened twice, with an initial discussion on the concept of the “KPI Strategic Focus,” followed by a second Dialogue to decide which KPIs would be adopted. We understood the expectations of non-Toyota participants and endeavored to improve our activities accordingly.

Opinions Expressed at the 11th Stakeholder Dialogue Held in November 2011

"KPI" to Realize the "Global Vision for Those We Serve"

  • Presenting some numeral targets and time boundaries would increase reliability. And even if some targets are not achieved, explaining the reason why they were not achieved could be part of communication.
  • Need for disclosure varies according to country and region. It would be effective to work out numerical values by region or segment as well as global ones.

CSR Boost-up Initiative

Global Vision for Those We Serve Main KPIs
Always Better Cars Provide safe and reliable vehicles that inspire enthusiasm at affordable prices.
  • Achieve the highest level of customer appraisal in terms of safety, quality and moving people
Receiving appraisal in each country for high safety standards (NCAP, IIHS, etc.)
Receiving high external appraisal for product quality (JDPower, IQS/VDS, etc.)
Listen sincerely to customer voices and continue to reinvent ourselves through sufficient information disclosure and dialogue.
  • Increase customer satisfaction at the Toyota Customer Assistance Center etc.
No. of calls at the Toyota Customer Assistance Center etc.
Customer satisfaction level
Enriching Lives of Communities Contribute for economic development of local communities with open stance to new suppliers and dealers and through sustainable growth based on mutually beneficial business relationships with dealers/distributors and suppliers.
  • Suppliers: Promote local purchasing globally
  • Dealers/distributors: Establish sales networks together to be rewarded with a smile
Diversification of suppliers (Japanese/non-Japanese) Local purchasing
No. of countries where Toyota deploys business Evaluation by dealers
Reduce environmental burdens through lifecycle by developing various eco-friendly vehicles and technologies and making them prevail.
  • Aim to improve global average fuel efficiency by 25% by FY2015 (compared with FY2005)
  • Promote reduction of CO2 emissions from our business activities
Global average fuel efficiency
Cumulative HV sales
CO2 Emissions
Be aware of responsibilities of developing and producing vehicles and contribute for realization of new mobility society free from traffic accidents and congestion.
  • Engage in advanced/cutting-edge research for a new mobility society, and promote the practical application and popularization thereof
No. of models mounted with safety support systems
No. of Smart Community Service users
As a good corporate citizen, respect the culture and customs of every nation and contribute to social development.
  • Continue stable social contribution activities at an appropriate level as a good corporate citizen
Total expenses of social contribution activities
No. of specific program participants
Stable Base of Business Create working environments for various employees to work proudly and with loyalty and confidence in fulfilling their potential, which realize their self-growth.
  • Increase the ratio of employees who feel that their jobs are rewarding
Employee Satisfaction
Frequency rate of lost workday cases
Ensure sustainable growth by fostering the virtuous circle, Always better cars > Enriching lives of communities > Stable base of business.
  • Establish a stable base of business
Operating income ratio/Break-even point
CSR/SRI evaluation

Seeking Harmony with People, Society, and the Global Environment, and Sustainable Development of Society through Monozukuri (Manufacturing)

Since its foundation, Toyota has continuously strived to contribute to the sustainable development of society through the manufacture and provision of innovative and quality products and services that lead the times. Cars are useful because they afford us freedom of mobility. On the other hand, they impact society and the environment in various ways. Always bearing this in mind, we listen carefully to our customers and neighbors in local communities to pursue our business, seeking harmony with people, society, and the global environment, as well as the sustainable development of society through monozukuri.

In the main line of our business automobile manufacturing we develop and introduce environmentally friendly hybrid vehicles in addition to mechanisms for active and passive safety. We also roll out new businesses in such areas as biotechnology, afforestation, and energy. Furthermore, we pursue initiatives for social contributions that focus on "the environment," "traffic safety," and "education." Such activities centering on automobile manufacturing are designed to help people in the wider community and bring them happiness - this is Toyota’s aspiration. The basis of our rationale is our CSR Policy: Contribution towards Sustainable Development. Toyota aims to become a company that is admired and trusted by society by ensuring that all employees recognize and put into practice our CSR Policy.

Direction of Toyota's CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Activities

As a global company, Toyota will contribute to achieving sustainable development through all its business activities in each country and region of the world. To achieve this, Toyota will implement management that emphasizes all stakeholders through the automotive, housing and new businesses and initiatives that address social issues and maintain and develop healthy relationships with those stakeholders through open and fair communications.

Overview of Toyota's CSR Activities