Toyota's CSR Organization and Structures

CSR Promotion

Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) established the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Committee as the body responsible for promoting CSR and the CSR Department as the organization for implementing CSR activities. The collaboration of these two entities provides for long-term, company-wide CSR promotion and activities.

Toyota CSR Committee

In order to coordinate and promote CSR activities, in October 2007 TMC established the CSR Committee, whose membership includes directors at the vice president and higher level and a representative of the corporate auditors. The CSR Committee was formed by merging the Corporate Ethics Committee, which played a central role in ensuring legal compliance, and the Corporate Philanthropy Committee, which conducted social contribution activities, in order to promote closer collaboration and the expansion and improvement of their respective activities.

In June 2010, the Risk Management Committee was formed under the CSR Committee in response to quality issues, and will be chaired by Chief Risk Officer (CRO) at the vice president level.

The committee is deliberating and issuing reports on the issues listed below:

  • Planning global CSR policies and activities
  • Corporate ethics, legal compliance
  • Significant issues concerning, risk management
  • Significant issues concerning, social contribution issues and new environmental issues.

In addition, in time with executive structure changes in April 2011, Chairman Takeshi Uchiyamada was inaugurated as chairman of the committee to view CSR in a broad context, and Managing Officer level executives were appointed as chairmen of subcommittees so that prompt actions can be taken.



CSR Department to Promote Toyota's CSR Initiatives

The CSR Department is responsible for drafting CSR policies, responding to CSR issues across divisions, raising awareness of CSR internally and externally, distributing CSR-related information, and communicating with stakeholders.

The CSR committee meets three times a year to discuss topics such as the status of implementation of CSR activities, legal compliance checks, internal controls, social contribution activity policies, and risk management.

Toyota has been promoting educational opportunities to enable employees to learn about the principles of CSR, including a global training session for the Toyota Way and rank-specific education classes. Study sessions in small groups began in FY2010 as part of the CSR Boost-up Initiative. In FY2011, the CSR study session on the theme of the disaster was held for a large group of participants. In this way, Toyota is raising awareness of it employees with regard to CSR.