ISO26000 Comparison

Toyota participated in the developing of international standards regarding CSR.ISO 26000: Guidance on social responsibility-since its review stage as a member of the Japan committee representing the business sector.

We organized specific actions described in the report according to seven core subjects stated in the standards and made the ISO 26000 Comparison for your reference. We hope this will make the report more useful and easier for readers to understand.

Toyota works continually to enhance its CSR initiatives. Thank you for your understanding.

Core Subjects and Issues in ISO26000
Organizational Governance Page
1 Organizational governance


Human Rights
2 Due diligence



3 Human rights risk situations
4 Avoidance of complicity
5 Resolving grievances


6 Discrimination and vulnerable groups


7 Civil and political rights
8 Economic, social and cultural rights
9 Fundamental principles and rights at work


Labor Practices
10 Employment and employment relationships


11 Conditions of work and social protection



12 Social dialogue
13 Health and safety at work


14 Human development and training in the workplace


The Environment
15 Prevention of pollution


16 Sustainable resource use


17 Climate change mitigation and adaptation


18 Protection of the environment, biodiversity and restoration of natural habitats


Fair Operating Practices
19 Anti-corruption


20 Responsible political involvement
21 Fair competition



22 Promoting social responsibility in the value chain
23 Respect for property rights
Consumer Issues
24 Fair marketing, factual and unbiased information and fair contractual practices


25 Protecting consumers' health and safety


26 Sustainable consumption


27 Consumer service, support, and complaint and dispute resolution





28 Consumer data protection and privacy
29 Access to essential services
30 Education and awareness


Community Involvement and Development
31 Community involvement


32 Education and culture


33 Employment creation and skills development


34 Technology development and access
35 Wealth and income creation
36 Health


37 Social investment


CSR POLICY Comparison
CSR POLICY: Contribution towards Sustainable Development ISO26000
Ref. No.
We, TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION and our subsidiaries, take initiative to contribute to harmonious and sustainable development of society and the earth through all business activities that we carry out in each country and region, based on our Guiding Principles. We comply with local, national and international laws and regulations as well as the spirit thereof and we conduct our business operations with honesty and integrity. In order to contribute to sustainable development, we believe that management interacting with its stakeholders as described below is of considerable importance, and we will endeavor to build and maintain sound relationships with our stakeholders through open and fair communication. We expect our business partners to support this initiative and act in accordance with it. 1
■Based on our philosophy of "Customer First," we develop and provide innovative, safe and outstanding high quality products and services that meet a wide variety of customers' demands to enrich the lives of
people around the world. (Guiding Principles 3 and 4)
■We will endeavor to protect the personal information of customers and everyone else we are engaged in business with, in accordance with the letter and spirit of each country's privacy laws. (Guiding Principles 1) 24,28
■We respect our employees and believe that the success of our business is led by each individual's creativity and good teamwork. We stimulate personal growth for our employees. (Guiding Principles 5) 14
■We support equal employment opportunities, diversity and inclusion for our employees and do not discriminate against them. (Guiding Principles 5) 5,6,10
■We strive to provide fair working conditions and to maintain a safe and healthy working environment for all our employees. (Guiding Principles 5) 11,13
■We respect and honor the human rights of people involved in our business and, in particular, do not use or tolerate any form of forced or child labor. (Guiding Principles 5) 3,4,9
■Through communication and dialogue with our employees, we build and share the value "Mutual Trust and Mutual Responsibility" and work together for the success of our employees and the company. We recognize our employees' right to freely associate, or not to associate, in compliance with the laws of the countries in which we operate. (Guiding Principles 5) 5,7
■Management of each company takes a leadership role in fostering a corporate culture and implementing policies, that promote ethical behavior. (Guiding Principles 1 and 5) 19,20
Business Partners
■We respect our business partners such as suppliers and dealers and work with them through long-term relationships to realize mutual growth based on mutual trust. (Guiding Principles 7) 21
■Whenever we seek a new business partner, we are open to any and all candidates, regardless of nationality or size, and evaluate them based on their overall strengths. (Guiding Principles 7) 37
■We maintain fair and free competition in accordance with the letter and spirit of each country's competition laws. (Guiding Principles 1 and 7) 21
■We strive to enhance corporate value while achieving a stable and long-term growth for the benefit of our shareholders. (Guiding Principles 6) ?
■We provide our shareholders and investors with timely and fair disclosure of our operating results and financial condition. (Guiding Principles 1 and 6) 1
Global Society/Local Communities
Environment ■We aim for growth that is in harmony with the environment by seeking to minimize the environmental impact of our business operations, such as by working to reduce the effect of our vehicles and operations on climate change and biodiversity. We strive to develop, establish and promote technologies enabling the environment and economy to coexist harmoniously, and to build close and cooperative relationships with a wide spectrum of individuals and organizations involved in environmental preservation. (Guiding Principles 3) 15,16
Community ■We implement our philosophy of "respect for people" by honoring the culture, customs, history and laws of each country. (Guiding Principles 2) 2,7,8
■We constantly search for safer, cleaner and superior technology that satisfy the evolving needs of society for sustainable mobility. (Guiding Principles 3 and 4) 26,34
■We do not tolerate bribery of or by any business partner, government agency or public authority and maintain honest and fair relationships with government agencies and public authorities. (Guiding Principles 1) 19,20
Social contribution ■Wherever we do business, we actively promote and engage, both individually and with partners, in social contribution activities that help strengthen communities and contribute to the enrichment of society. (Guiding Principles 2) 31,32
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