Communication with Stakeholders

Communication with Stakeholders

In the CSR Policy's preface, Toyota has declared "In order to contribute to sustainable development, we believe that management interacting with our stakeholders is of considerable importance," and "we will endeavor to build and maintain sound relationships with our stakeholders through open and fair communication." Along with this policy, Toyota communicates with wide range of stakeholders in many forms. For example, Toyota has conducted dialogue with local communities at each plant, round table conference with employees, and study meeting with business partners. Here we present "Toyota Stakeholder Dialogue" and "CSR Boost-up Initiative."

Toyota Stakeholder Dialogue

Toyota believes that it is important to meet and discuss issues with its wide range of stakeholders, and has hosted the Toyota Stakeholder Dialogue every year since 2001. Toyota receives the stakeholders' expectations and opinions and shares them with the internal related division/persons, which will be useful in future Toyota initiatives.

The 11th Toyota Stakeholder Dialogue (November 2011)
"KPI" to Realize the "Global Vision for Those We Serve"

The 11th Toyota Stakeholder Dialogue was held in November 2011. Stakeholders from NGO/NPO, industrial experts, and other relevant experts attended the dialogue to engage in direct discussions on "KPI" - indices to gauge Toyota's progress toward realization of the "Global Vision for Those We Serve" from the viewpoint of societal expectations for and demands on Toyota.

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Sustainability Report 2011 "Global Vision for Those We Serve"

CSR Boost-up Initiative

Toyota set up the CSR Boost-up Initiative for its staff members to directly communicate with various stakeholders in 2010. It has been added to Toyota Stakeholder Dialogue conducted between external stakeholders and Toyota's executives or upper managers. Recognizing that the CSR actor should be an each employee, we strive to enhance our sensitivity and capability to sustainability issues.

CSR Boost-up Initiative: Corporate Information Disclosure and Reporting from the CSR Aspect (December 2013)

The corporate communication is getting more important along the higher expectation to corporations amid the globalization and serious environmental and social problems. We also saw the various developments of frameworks for information disclosure and reporting in 2013. Toyota has set an opportunity to learn from the CSR expert with the theme of those developments.

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Corporate Information Disclosure and Reporting from the CSR Aspect