CSR Boost-up Initiative


CSR Boost-up Initiative: Corporate Information Disclosure and Reporting from the CSR Aspect (December 2013)

We set the same theme as the last year; "information disclosure and reporting". All the participants from the related divisions have deepened the understanding on the latest global trend and exchanged opinions about challenges that Toyota faces. (Held on December 17, 2013.)

Corporate Information Disclosure and Reporting from the CSR Aspect

External speaker

Hidemi Tomita, Group Manager, Business Planning & Marketing Group, Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance Limited

First, Mr. Tomita explained the relevant global trend.

Hidemi Tomita

Starting from the CSR history and the business role that has been changing along the CSR development, Mr. Tomita, who has led the CSR in the business sector for a long time, explained major five trends of information disclosure and reporting. Participants could deepen their understanding on the common and the different among those trends and raise awareness of the increasing public expectations and demands. He also gave advice on what should be considered in preparation of a CSR report – importance of the Five Ws – and how future reports are expected to be.

After that, CSR Dept. shared their concerns based on the global trend and the external feedback on current activities. It was shared that further cooperation among relevant divisions is necessary to improve Toyota's reporting focusing on the experts' comment that more coherent story is needed while the report covers various initiatives.

Corporate Information Disclosure and Reporting from the CSR Aspect

There were positive feedback from participants that they could understand necessity of cooperation between the marketing and CSR, or backgrounds of their daily business operations, etc. We will strive to grasp public expectations and improve our communication as well.

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