To go beyond zero environmental impact and achieve a net positive impact, Toyota has set itself six challenges. All these challenges, whether in climate change or resource and water recycling, are beset with difficulties, however we are committed to continuing toward the year 2050 with steady initiatives in order to realize sustainable development together with society.
New Vehicle Zero CO₂ Emissions Challenge

Toyota has decided to challenge itself to reduce vehicle CO₂ emissions by 90 percent in comparison with 2010 levels, by 2050. We will promote the development of next-generation vehicles and further accelerate the spread of these vehicles.

Life Cycle Zero CO₂ Emissions Challenge

Toyota efforts to reduce to zero not simply the CO₂ emissions produced in traveling and manufacturing, but all CO₂ emissions including in the processes of materials production, and disposal and recycling of vehicles.

Plant Zero CO₂ Emissions Challenge

The two main pillars of our strategy to achieve zero CO₂ emissions at our plants are 1) developing and introducing low-CO₂ technologies with ongoing Kaizen 2) adopting renewable energy sources and utilizing hydrogen energy.

Challenge of Minimizing and Optimizing Water Usage

In automobile manufacturing, water is used in painting, forging and other processes. Therefore, even a small reduction of its impact on the water environment is important. Our two measures to achieve this are comprehensive reduction of the amount of water used and comprehensive water purification and returning it to the earth.

Challenge of Establishing a Recycling-based Society and Systems

Toyota has been working for 40 years on the challenge of resource recycling. Going forward, by rolling out to the world the technology and systems evolved in Japan, we will continue working on the challenge of establishing a recycling-based society.

Challenge of Establishing a Future Society in Harmony with Nature

Toyota has engaged in planting trees at plants, environmental conservation activities in our surrounding area. To establish a society where humans and nature coexist in harmony, we are promoting several activities to connecet regions, the world and the future.

Top Message

Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050 Top Message(4:48)
Mr. Takeshi Uchiyamada
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Message from Experts 1

Message from Experts 1(4:29)
Dr. Jane Smart, OBE
Global Director, Biodiversity Conservation Group Director, Global Species Programme
IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature)

Message from Experts 2

Message from Experts 2(3:16)
Dr. Marco Lambertini
Director General
WWF International