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  • Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050

    To go beyond zero environmental impact and achieve a net positive impact, Toyota has set itself six challenges.

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  • Environmental Management

    Toyota has positioned the environment as a priority management issue.
    Toyota promotes environmental management in all regions around the world and in all areas while collaborating and cooperating with companies subject to consolidated environmental management, business partners, employees, and other stakeholders.

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  • Challenge3
    Plant Zero CO2 Emissions Challenge

    The two main pillars of our strategy to achieve zero CO2 emissions at our plants are 1) developing and introducing low-CO2 technologies with ongoing Kaizen 2) adopting renewable energy sources and utilizing hydrogen energy.

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  • Challenge4
    Challenge of Minimizing and Optimizing Water Usage

    In automobile manufacturing, water is used in painting, forging and other processes. Therefore, even a small reduction of its impact on the water environment is important. Our two measures to achieve this are comprehensive reduction of the amount of water used and comprehensive water purification and returning it to the earth.

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