Expanding the Reuse of Parts and Promoting their Recycling

Toyota is working actively with Toyota dealers throughout Japan to recycle discarded polypropylene bumpers and parts made from easy-to-recycle TSOP (Toyota Super Olefin Polymers). Toyota is also working to expand the utilization of reused parts through e-commerce, and to promote effective use of repaired and replaced parts through such measures as supplying rebuilt parts.

Establishing a Supply System for Used Parts*1

In order to promote the reuse of automobile parts, Toyota started to sell used parts, online through parts distributors*2 nationwide in October 2001. An e-commerce system is used to supply all Japanese automakers' exterior fittings and functional parts through recycled parts distributors.

*1. Used parts: A general term that includes used parts and rebuilt parts
*2. Parts distributor: company that handles logistics and sales of automobile service parts and accessories, formed through joint investment by Toyota and the local dealer. There are a total of 33 parts distributors nationwide.

Framework of System Using E-commerce

Framework of System Using E-commerce

Supplying Rebuilt Parts

Toyota also cooperates with related manufacturers to supply rebuilt parts in order to promote their reuse.

Supply of Rebuilt and New Parts in FY2010

Rebuilt parts Number supplied
Automatic transmission 6,505 (72)
Power steering 10,556 (6,302)
Torque converter 4,446 (5,746)

( )indicates supply of new parts