Recycling Initiatives

Recycling Activities that Take into Consideration the Entire Lifecycle of a Vehicle

It is important to carry out recycling activities that take into consideration the entire lifecycle of a vehicle. Toyota is rolling out activities to reduce waste to a minimum and recycle and reuse materials wherever possible at every stage of a vehicle's lifecycle — development, production, use and disposal. The results of these activities are provided as feedback to vehicle development divisions to enable more efficient utilization of limited resources and to make cars that are easy to recycle.

Recycling Activities that Take into Consideration the Entire Lifecycle of a Vehicle

Recycling Activities to Ensure Proper Utilization of Valuable Resources

Since the establishment of the Recycling Committee in October 1990 and its reorganization as the Resource Recycling Committee in 2008, Toyota has been actively working to make vehicles that are easy to recycle, considering the entire vehicle lifecycle, from development to disposal.

In the development stage Toyota has been developing easy-to-recycle materials and designs that take dismantlability into consideration, while developing and introducing various recycling technologies in the production stage. For dealers (use stage), Toyota has built a system for promoting the reuse of automobile parts and for collecting and recycling bumpers that have been replaced. For end-of-life vehicles, Toyota has been advancing research into efficient dismantling technologies, as well as promoting the use of shredder residue.

The recycling activities of the individual stages are coordinated, and information from each stage is provided to the development divisions. Toyota is thus promoting activities to ensure proper utilization of valuable resources.