Airbag Collection and Recycling Systems

Airbag Recycling Status

Toyota built a system for proper and efficient processing of airbags in cooperation with the Japan Auto Recycling Partnership (JARP), which functions as a common collection point for all automakers. Three methods exist for processing airbags: on-board deployment (simultaneous and individual deployment) and removal/collection. In onboard deployment, processing and recycling are completed at the dismantling company.

Airbag Installation Locations

Airbag Installation Locations
Reproduced from JAMA (Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association) documents

However, in removal/collection, airbags must be transported to designated collection locations and processed and recycled by a recycling company.

The Airbag Recycling Process

The Airbag Recycling Process

Efficient On-board Deployment Tool

1) Simultaneous deployment tool

By simply connecting to a connector in the vehicle, all airbags are simultaneously deployed for efficient processing.

Simultaneous deployment tool

2) Individual Deployment Tool

Removing the airbag wire harness shield and connecting the tool to a connector can be done simultaneously, reducing processing time by about 90%.

Individual Deployment Tool