Eco Driving

Monitor your fuel efficiency

Check the fuel efficiency and be more eco-friendly!

If you want to calculate fuel efficiency, see the following "Method of calculating fuel efficiency" below. Track fuel efficiency, and you´ll find that fuel efficiency improves by driving more eco-friendly.

Method of calculating fuel efficiency

Fill up the car with gas and write down odometer value 1 at that time and the amount of gas added to the car.
When you fill up the car with gas the next time, write down odometer value 2 at that time and the amount of gas 3 added to the car.
The difference of the odometer values (2-) divided by the amount of gas 3 equals the fuel efficiency value.
Repeat the above procedures to continuously record fuel efficiency.

Business results* Calculation example
Date Od meter value (km) Travel distance
(Difference of odometer values: km)
Amount of fuel added to the car
Fuel efficiency
2005/4/1 10000      
2005/4/15 103002 300(2-) 303 10((2-)/3)

There are cars that can indicate fuel efficiency while driving

If a fuel efficiency meter is equipped, switching operations on displays, such as the multi-information display or car navigation display, can indicate average fuel efficiency, fuel efficiency at the moment, etc.

Make the most of the meter for eco driving.

There are also cars that have an eco driving indicator, which lights up when your driving is eco-friendly, as well as a zone indicator that shows accelerator opening degree and range of eco-friendly driving.

Example of increasing fuel economy

Result of eco driving seminar
Fuel efficiency improved by about 20% at an eco driving seminar held by The Energy Conservation Center, Japan.