Save fuel & enjoy driving! Eco Driving Makes Travel Better! Find out how with Ms. A and Ms. B...

Eco driving is not only environmentally friendly; it also reduces fuel costs to your car. By being "eco" conscious, driving becomes smoother. Let's learn more via different stories of two people's road trips!

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  • The day before...

    Coming back from the office, Ms. A called her friend to discuss their plan. But Ms. B only relaxed and didn't prepare.

  • Picking up a friend

    Ms. A went to her friend's house with the help of car navigation. Ms. B tried to do the same using only her memory.

  • Let the roadtrip begin

    While Ms. A and Ms. B are both getting closer to the expressway, they each have different ways in which they choose to drive.

  • Nearing the expressway

    With the entrance to the expressway only one mile away, both drivers decide to take stop at a convenience store.

  • With the journey underway...

    150km to their goal, Ms. A keeps a constant pace. Ms. B, however, doesn't maintain a consistent speed.

  • Getting closer to the goal

    Far away from home and at a much higher altitude, a beautiful country-side starts to come into view.

  • At the gas station

    Stopping at a gas station slightly before their destination for 30 liters of gas, an attendant gives them a free inspection.

  • Goal!

    The two parties have arrived at their final destination... And they happen to meet each other at the same restaurant!

  • Lightening the load in the car's trunk

    After getting rid of unnecessary items in the trunk, the final destination is set in the car navigation and snacks are prepared. "I'm so excited for tomorrow's trip!"

  • Finding places is easier with car navigation

    Starting her car and immediately leaving, she navigates smoothly even through residential areas and arrives ahead of schedule. "Thank goodness for my GPS! I think I'll just wait at the car port."

  • Driving smoothly helps save on fuel

    Stepping on the gas pedal slowly, and stepping off the gas pedal early before each red light, Ms. A notes "My eco drive indicator makes it easy to see my degree of eco-friendliness!"

  • Cutting back on idling while shopping

    Ms. A decides to get some additional snacks and goes in the store with her friend. "It'll only take a moment, but I'll turn off the engine and lock up the car."

  • Sharing energy-saving driving techniques

    Ms. A keeps driving at 80km/h constantly. "Keeping a safe distance from the car ahead makes it easy to drive at a constant speed. And maintaining good posture ensures good visibility and prevents fatigue."

  • Enjoying the drive through the cool fresh air

    As the altitude of expressway starts to get higher, Ms. A turns the AC off to let fresh air enter into the car. "Oh my, it's so nice and cool outside."

  • Inspecting regularly ensures higher safety and lower fuel consumption

    Ms. A is not surprised, but still pleased, when the attendant tells her that her tire pressure is good. "I check the tire pressure every week. It's a must for eco driving."

  • Eco driving helps save both energy and money

    "My friend's recommendation was spot on! My savings on fuel costs were so great, I'm going to buy us another round of dessert!"

  • The day before...
  • Picking up a friend
  • Let the road trip begin
  • Nearing the expressway
  • With the journey underway...
  • Getting closer to the goal
  • At the gas station
  • Goal!
  • Spending the day texting

    Ms. B leaves her golf bag in the car and delays packing until later. "I already know what to bring, so I'll finish preparing after emailing my friends."

    Eco drive advice

  • Losing the way, and arriving 10 minutes late

    Ms. B drives confusedly through narrow streets in a residential area. "Oh no, did I get lost? I just gave her a ride the other day. We're going to be so late!"

    Eco drive advice

  • Being impatient makes driving rough

    Since they were 10 minutes late Ms. B and her friend started their trip later than planned. "Arg! I keep getting stuck at red lights - even when I mash down on the gas..."

    Eco drive advice

  • Taking a rest while using the air-conditioner

    Ms. B asks her friend to get her a drink. "I'll pay for everything if you grab me something to drink. I'll just wait here for you in the AC."

    Eco drive advice

  • Following the legal limit at an inconsistent pace

    Ms. B keeps speeding up to get closer to the car ahead, then applying pressure to the brakes when she gets too close. "I don't know why, but driving on the expressway makes me tired."

    Eco drive advice

  • Keeping the windows closed while using the AC

    Ms. B continues to use the AC since leaving home. "I totally prefer the chilly air while driving!"

    Eco drive advice

  • Getting surprised that a tire could flatten soon

    Ms. B is a bit surprised to hear that her tire pressure is running low by the attendant. "Was last year's safety inspection really the last time it was checked!?"

    Eco drive advice

  • Wishing for more cash to afford dessert

    Ms. B can't hide her reaction to Ms. A. "Wow! Really? The way you drove actually saved you that much money? Tell me how!"

    Eco drive advice

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  • Keep your trunk free of useless items

    Slim down your car's weight by removing unnecessary items. Driving 100km after having unloaded 10kg can save 30ml of gasoline.* * According to the research by Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc. (JAMA)

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  • Investigate your driving route before leaving

    "Don't get lost" is a fundamental of eco driving. Recent data suggests about 350ml of fuel is wasted when driving lost on the street for every 10 minutes.* After starting up the engine, depart immediately. * According to the research by Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc. (JAMA)

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  • Driving style changes fuel consumption

    You can "e-Start" by stepping on the gas pedal softly when starting and speeding up. Pay attention to the flow of the traffic while driving. When a light turns red ahead of you, step off the gas pedal early to brake with the engine, then apply pressure to the brake.

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  • Stop idling and save more fuel

    Checking on traffic information is imperative for a smooth trip. Even if you're waiting for just a moment, refrain from idling. 5 minutes of idling wastes 65ml of gas and emits 151g of CO2. * According to the research by Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc. (JAMA)

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  • Keep a constant pace

    It is recommended to drive at constant pace at 80km/h on the expressway - or 40~50km/h on public streets — which can help to improve fuel consumption by 10~30%. This can be more easily achieved by maintaining enough distance from the car in front. * According to the research by Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc. (JAMA)

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  • Turn off the AC for better fuel consumption

    Using the AC constantly wastes fuel, so try using it in moderation. When the outside air warrants it, opt to let fresh air flow inside the car instead. And when AC is necessary, remember to recirculate the air within the car.

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  • Check air pressure during daily inspection

    Low tire pressure increases fuel consumption by 2% in the city and 4% in the suburbs when running near to 50kpa (0.5kg/cm²).* * According to the research by Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc. (JAMA)

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Eco drive indicator
Displays the "Degree of Eco" in a visually comprehensive way to support eco driving.
Good posture
Important such that you can more easily control your braking and handling.