Toyota's Forestry

Measured responses to regional forestation concerns — Since 1992 Toyota has tackled forestry issues with its "Forest of Toyota" plan, developing various sustainable forestation activities, via the "Human Resources Development and Collaboration with region" and "Development of a Symbiotic System with Forests". Although these activities are just small efforts in response to forest devastation which has been growing on a global scale, Toyota continually shares knowledge gained through these projects, including lessons from failures, with stakeholders and contributes to sustainable expansion of forestry activities.

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  • Special Interview — Breathing New Life into Forests — Through sustainable development efforts Toyota aims to help revitalize the power and beauty of nature.
  • Why is Forestation Necessary? "Toyota's Forestry" Brochure can be downloaded here.

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  • The Forest of Toyota
    Toyota is restoring company-owned forest in the suburbs of Toyota City as satoyama that once was part of people's daily lives. At the same time, we utilize it as a place to offer schoolchildren hands-on experience in learning about nature.Details
  • Toyomori
    Toyota is working closely with local government and NPO to develop people who can address forest devastation, depopulation and other issues in mountainous area and thereby connect cities and rural areas.Details
  • Toyota Shirakawa-Go Eco Institute
    Toyota is providing an environmental education program enabling it to realize the traditional culture and rich natural resources of Shirakawa-Go, a World Heritage site, though hands-on experience.Details
  • TOYOTA Mie Miyagawa Forest Project
    Toyota establishes a model forest with the aim of revitalizing Japan's forestry industry.Details
  • Employee Volunteer Activities (1) Thinning of city-owned forests (2) Overseas tree-planting (3) Conservation of sand beaches
    Environmental conservation-related activities by Toyota employees include forest maintenance in Japan and afforestation projects overseas.Details
  • Sustainable Plants - Forestry activities at plants -
    Toyota conducts forestry activities at plant sites to ensure harmony with the surrounding natural environment.Details
  • Toyota Environmental Activities Grant Program
    Toyota provides funding for NPOs in Japan and overseas that are conducting research or other activities in the fields of global warming and biodiversity.Details
  • Australia Afforestation Business
    Eucalyptus planting project meets two goals: Environmental conservation and afforestation business development.Details
  • China Preventive Project of Desertification
    A sustainable reforestation model was established to maintain a balance between reforestation and improvement of local residents' living after the completion of Toyota's support.Details
  • Philippines Rainforest Restoration Project
    Toyota is efficiently promoting sustainable reforestation projects to balance rainforest restoration with improvement of local residents' living standards.Details