Special Interview — Breathing New Life into Forests

Forests the world over face many problems. Toyota is helping communities reactivate the natural power of their forests by promoting sustainable development practices.

  • Theme 1 Forest revival through cutting
    "Forest of Toyota" Project Maintains Satoyama
    Living with the Forest: Toyomori
  • Theme 2 Regrowth of lost forests
    Desertification Prevention Project in China
    Rainforest Restoration Project in the Philippines
  • Theme 3 Coexsisting with forests; thinking together with Toyota
    Interview with Dr. Juichi Shibusawa, editor of "Toyota's Forestry" brochure, interviewed by Setsu Mori, Editor-in-Chief of alterna magazine
  • Theme 4 Toyota's Biodiversity Conservation
    Interview with Naouya Furuta, Senior Project Officer of the International Union forConservation of Nture
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