CSR Basic Philosophy


Fundamental Approach

The Guiding Principles at Toyota state that Toyota shall “honor the language and spirit of the law of every nation and undertake open and fair business activities to be a good corporate citizen of the world.” Toyota believes that by adhering to this principle in its actions, it can fulfill its corporate social responsibility and ensure compliance.

Organization and Structure

Toyota established the Corporate Governance Meeting in April 2015 as a business supervisory body. The meeting discusses governance structure with the goal of ensuring the success of growth and business strategies in light of a wide range of social challenges. Matters related to compliance are discussed by this meeting.

Checks to Enhance Compliance

In FY2008, Toyota began implementing internal checks to enhance its compliance structure. In FY2009 these checks were extended to subsidiaries in and outside Japan. Since then, these checks have been carried out and improved upon every year. Results are reported to the Corporate Governance Meeting and used as a basis for further improvement.

Activity Diagram

Ensure Thorough Compliance

To ensure that awareness of compliance issues extends throughout the company, Toyota conducts education and training programs for directors, newly-appointed departmental general managers and newly-recruited employees in addition to company-wide e-learning programs. In addition to standard legal areas including labor law, antimonopoly law, and subcontracting law, we conduct business compliance seminars on bribery prevention, personal information protection, product liability law, and other topics.

Corruption Prevention Measures

In response to the global expansion of its business and rising societal demands, Toyota adopted the Anti-bribery Guidelines in 2012 to completely eliminate corruption. Toyota is strengthening its preventive measures and working to prevent corruption by raising awareness and spreading the anti-corruption message through internal training and education and informing business partners of its anti-corruption stance.

Anti-bribery Guidelines (For Business Partners)

The Compliance Hotline

Toyota has established a number of hotlines for swift and appropriate resolution of any concerns, complaints, or questions that employees may have.
The Compliance Hotline allows employees to have consultations concerning these compliance-related issues and has been set up at an outside law firm (subcontractor).