Corporate Governance

Fundamental Approach

Toyota regards sustainable growth and the stable, long-term enhancement of corporate value as essential management priorities. Building positive relationships with all stakeholders, including shareholders, customers, business partners, local communities and employees, and consistently providing products that satisfy customers are key to addressing these priorities. To this end, Toyota constantly seeks to enhance corporate governance.

Organization and Structure

Corporate Governance Organizational Diagram (Emphasizing Frontline Operations + Multidirectional Monitoring)

*The Corporate Governance Report contains details on the business execution of duties and supervision, the Board of Directors and its system, the Audit & Supervisory Board , remuneration for the Board of Directors and Audit & Supervisory Board members, and an analysis and evaluations of the Board of Directors’ effectiveness.

Fundamental Approach and Maintenance of Internal Control Systems

Basic Stance on System for Ensuring Appropriate Business Operations

Toyota and its subsidiaries work to foster a sound corporate culture based on the Guiding Principles at Toyota and the Toyota Code of Conduct. Toyota integrates the principles of problem identification and Kaizen into its operational processes and continuously strives to develop employees who will put these principles into practice.

System to Ensure Appropriate Operations

Toyota endeavors to maintain and properly operate a system for ensuring the appropriateness of business operations as a corporate group in accordance with its Basic Policies on Establishing Internal Controls. Each fiscal year, Toyota inspects the maintenance and implementation of internal controls to confirm that the organizational units responsible for implementing internal controls are functioning autonomously and enhancing said controls as necessary. The findings of these inspections are reviewed by the Corporate Governance Meeting and Board of Directors.