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Reports of Toyota's CSR, environmental responsibility and corporate citizenship activities are available.

  • Sustainability Report
    Sustainability Report

    In-depth coverage of the annual environmental activities as the foundation for Toyota's environmental and social initiatives

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  • Respect for the Planet
    -Toyota's Environmental Initiatives-2013
    Environmental Report

    Report focusing on Toyota's environmental initiatives.

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  • Vehicle Recycling
    Vehicle Recycling


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  • Toyota's Social Contribution Activities
    Toyota's Social Contribution Activities

    Information on Social Contribution Activities

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  • Toyota's Forestry
    Toyota's Forestry

    Information on Community & Society based forestry initiatives

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  • Web Sites for Overseas Affiliates' Reports
    Web Sites for Overseas Affiliates' Reports

    Separates reports of Toyota overseas consolidated subsidiaries are issued in 15 countries and regions. Information are disclosed globally by these reports

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TMC's main information disclosure tools

Annual Report
Annual Report
"Toyota in the World" Databook
"Toyota in the World" Databook
  • "Toyota in the World 2012" is intended to provide an overview of Toyota, including a look at its latest activities relating to R&D (Research & Development), manufacturing, sales and exports.
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Past Issues

Past issues are available here.