Neighbors (Worldwide social contribution activities at Toyota) Vol6 2008

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Special Feature

- Promoting Safer Behavior on and around Roadways as a Core Emphasis in Toyota's Social Contribution Activities
Conveying the Message of Traffic Safety to as Many People as Possible
- Asia, Oceania, and Middle East Regional Meeting Highlighting Best Practice


- Lexus Environmental School / Republic of Korea
- The Forest of Toyota / Japan
-Water Forests / Spain
- Plant-for-the-Planet / Germany

Traffic Safety

- Alcokart / Europe
- Toyota and You / Argentina


- Learning Automotive Maintenance in a Correctional Facility / United Kingdom
- The Toyota Study Assistance Fund / China
- Young Correspondents / Japan

Community Care

- The Toyota Volunteer Experience Campaign / Japan
- Volunteerism under the "Team Toyota" Banner / U.S.A


- Full Beam and Toyota 70 / France

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