Items with particularly positive successes in environmental actions for FY2000 in each area of Toyota"s operations are summarized below.
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Reducing CO2 Emissions by 3,300 tons/year

Toyota has set a goal of stabilizing CO2 emissions at 1990 levels by 2005. To achieve this goal, it increased loading efficiency and filling factors to reduce the number of shipments, increased modal shifts and collaborative shipments, and worked to achieve optimal transport routes. As a result of these efforts, Toyota achieved a reduction of 3,300 tons/year, exceeding the goal of 2,700 tons/year for FY2000.

Reducing Packaging and Wrapping Materials by 3,500 tons/year

Toyota set a voluntary goal of reducing the volume of packaging and wrapping materials to "15% less than the volume used in 1995 by 2000," and proceeded with the simplification of specifications and use of returnable materials. As a result of these efforts, Toyota achieved a reduction of 3,500 tons/year in FY2000, exceeding the goal of 2,100 tons/year and achieving a reduction of approximately 20% compared to 1995 levels.