Items with particularly positive successes in environmental actions for FY2000 in each area of Toyota"s operations are summarized below.
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Strengthening the Recycling Research Structure

Toyota established the Automobile Recycle Technical Center in April 2001, in order to strengthen the recycling research structure. This Technical Center will work on research subjects such as easy-to-dismantle vehicle structures and appropriate and efficient dismantling technologies.

Study of removability of chassis-related parts

Improvement of Recoverability in the New Celsior

In the new Celsior, Toyota actively promoted a design that gave consideration to recycling, by expanding the use of a new type of TSOP and RSPP vehicle soundproofing products and by reducing the use of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) to 1/3 of the older model. Toyota has also used a natural material (kenaf) and reduced lead usage.

All Dealers Begin Activities in Accordance with the Environmental Guidelines

Based on the Toyota Japanese Dealer Environmental Guidelines adopted by the Toyota National Dealer's Advisory Council, all automobile dealers, parts distributors, L&F dealers, Toyota Home dealers and Rental/Lease dealers began action by the end of FY2000.