Items with particularly positive successes in environmental actions for FY2000 in each area of Toyota"s operations are summarized below.
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Promoting Consolidated Environmental Management

In order to implement top level environmental responses based on actual conditions in each country and region, 26 automotive-related production companies had submitted environmental action plans to Toyota by December 2000 and began their initiatives. Toyota presented guidelines to overseas distributors.

Overseas affiliates have also been taking initiatives: in North America, Toyota Motor Sales USA (TMS) established an ECO, and European Environmental Meetings were held in Europe. Directors and managers from each country responsible for environmental affairs participat ed in the Toyota Global EMS Liaison, held in Japan, and actively exchanged their views.

Launch of the Prius in Europe and America

Toyota began sales of the hybrid car Prius in North America in July 2000 and in Europe in September of that year. A total of approximately 14,200 vehicles were sold in those markets by the end of May 2001. Toyota also launched 4 vehicle series of Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (ULEV) compliant vehicles in the United States and 3 vehicle series of Step 4 compliant vehicles in Europe.

French Plant with Consideration to the Environment

The French plant (TMMF), which aims to achieve top level environmental responses in Europe, began operations in January 2001. Toyota has sought to minimize energy use and VOC emissions and to promote zero landfill waste activities.