Items with particularly positive successes in environmental actions for FY2000 in each area of Toyota"s operations are summarized below.
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Expanding of the "Crayon System" Test Operations

Toyota is expanding test operations on the "Crayon" EV Commuter shared-use "e-com" system to group companies. In addition, Toyota participated in public test operations in Toyota City and Kyoto City.

Test Operations on Kyoto Public-Car System

Developing Energy Saving Houses

Toyota Home is developing and launching energy saving houses in which the roof is completely covered with solar system panels and homes that include a high-performance all electrified system.

New Biotechnology Project Started

In Indonesia, Toyota established a new joint venture company which will produce animal feed and biodegradable plastics using sweet potatoes as raw material.

Toyota Environmental Activities Grant Program Started

In commemoration of Toyota"s winning the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) Global 500 Award in 1999, Toyota has started a new grant program to promote environmental improvement and preservation related to "sustainable development." Initially for a three-year period, the program has an annual budget of 200 million yen.

The selection
committee for the Toyota Environmental Activities Grant Program

Reforestation to Prevent Desertification Started in China

In cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences etc., Toyota began in April 2001 a reforestation project in Hebei Province. The project calls for reforesting 1,500ha over three years.

Disclosure of Information about Safety and Health

Ensuring the safety and health of employees can be considered the foundation of corporate activities. In this report, the current status of activities to create a safe and energetic work environment is reported.