Environmental & Social Report 2003
Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) has been issuing environmental reports since FY1998 in order to enhance disclosure of information regarding environmental actions carried out in conjunction with its corporate activities. For Toyota, environmental actions are one of the top-priority issues for sustainable corporate management, as well as one of the most active areas for the company to fulfill its responsibility to society. From FY2003, the title of the report has been changed to Environmental & Social Report, reflecting the increased scope of information being disclosed. With regard to social and economic aspects, efforts have been made to enhance information disclosure on the basis of internal company discussions, which drew upon the guidelines for each type of information disclosure and evaluation indices, regarding what information should be dealt with and how it should be presented. In order to further improve information disclosure and the activities that Toyota is carrying out to achieve a sustainable society, Toyota would like to hear what you have to say about this report and the actions outlined therein.

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