Environmental & Social Report 2003
Environmental Aspects Social and Economic Aspects
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Environmental Aspects
-Highlights of Environmental Initiatives in FY2002 (p.8-11) PDF File(816KB)

Environmental Management (p.12-17) PDF File(456KB)
Basic Concepts with Regard to the Environment (p.12-13) PDF File(60KB)
Implementation Structure (p.13) PDF File(60KB)
FY2002 Goals and Results of Activities (p.14-15) PDF File(64KB)
Environment-Related Accidents and Lawsuits (p.15) PDF File(52KB)
Environmental Accounting (p.16-17) PDF File(92KB)

Development and Design (p.18-25) PDF File(696KB)
Product Environmental Management System (p.18) PDF File(76KB)
Improving Fuel Efficiency (p.18-19) PDF File(160KB)
Reducing Exhaust Emissions (p.20) PDF File(32KB)
Reducing External Automobile Noise (p.21) PDF File(208KB)
Clean-Energy Vehicles (p.22-23) PDF File(256KB)
LCA (p.23) PDF File(88KB)
Environmental Data for FY2002 Japanese New Models and Redesigns (passenger Vehicles) (p.24) PDF File(24KB)
New Prius: Unveiled at the New York International Automobile Show (p.25) PDF File(68KB)
Procurement / Production/Logistics (p.26-35) PDF File(1.1MB)
Environmental Initiatives in Cooperation with Suppliers
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Volume of Resources Input and Volume of Substances Released into the Environment
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Production Environmental Management System (p.27) PDF File(168KB)
Initiatives to Reduce Environmental Risk (p.28) PDF File(100KB)
Thorough Implementation of Preventive Measures (p.28-29) PDF File(236KB)
Prevention of Global Warming (p.29) PDF File(148KB)
Reducing Substances of Environmental Concern (p.30) PDF File(92KB)
Reducing Waste (p.30-31) PDF File(168KB)
Initiatives to Conserve Resources (p.31) PDF File(88KB)
Conserving Water Resources (p.31) PDF File(88KB)
Air and Water Quality Data (p.31) PDF File(88KB)
Plant Initiatives-Motomachi Plant (p.32-33) PDF File(244KB)
Enhanced Environmental Management
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Reduction Activities Reducing CO2 Emissions (p.34-35) PDF File(236KB)
Reduction Activities Reducing Packaging and Wrapping Materials (p.34-35) PDF File(236KB)
Reduction Activities Activities at Logistics Centers (p.34-35) PDF File(236KB)

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Recycling and Sales/After Sales (p.36-43) PDF File(1.1MB)
Toyota Initiates Toyota Recycle Vision
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Initiatives in the Development and Design Stage (p.37) PDF File(104KB)
Initiatives in the Production Stage (p.37) PDF File(104KB)
Initiatives in the Use Stage (in Japan) (p.38) PDF File(144KB)
Initiatives in the Disposal Stage (p.38-39) PDF File(144KB)
Toward Enhanced Recyclable Vehicle Design-Initiatives Taken in the New Raum (p.40-41) PDF File(316KB)
<Sales/After Sales>
Initiatives in Sales/After Sales
PDF File(96KB)
Initiatives at Dealers-Toyota National Dealers Advisory Council (p.43) PDF File(200KB)
Automobile Peripheral and Other Businesses (p.44-47) PDF File(688KB)
Housing Business (p.44-45) PDF File(296KB)
Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) (p.46) PDF File(208KB)
Biotechnology and Afforestation Businesses (p.46) PDF File(208KB)
Environmental Education/Communication (p.47) PDF File(208KB)
Special Story
Realizing a Recycling-Oriented Society
Through Agricultural Biotechnology
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Consolidated Environmental Management (p.52-63) PDF File(1.9MB)
Main Companies Subject to Consolidated EMS (p.52-53) PDF File(340KB)
FY2002 Action Policies and Results (p.54) PDF File(20KB)
TMC Support to Companies Subject to Consolidated EMS (p.55) PDF File(260KB)
Environmental Initiatives at Companies Subject to Consolidated EMS (p.56) PDF File(100KB)
Global Expansion of Best Practices of Environmental Improvement (p.56-57) PDF File(324KB)
Global Environmental Data (p.58-59) PDF File(200KB)
Examples of Environmental Initiatives Yutaka Seimitsu Kogyo, Ltd. (p.60) PDF File(164KB)
Examples of Environmental Initiatives TMMK (USA) (p.61) PDF File(264KB)
Examples of Environmental Initiatives TDB (Brazil) (p.62) PDF File(188KB)
Examples of Environmental Initiatives TFR (France) (p.63) PDF File(280KB)
-Environment-Related Awards Received by Toyota (p.64) PDF File(20KB)
-Continued Reporting of Environmental Aspects (p.64) PDF File(20KB)

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Social and Economic Aspects
Relations with Stakeholders (p.65-83) PDF File(2.7MB)
Customers (p.66-70) PDF File(720KB)
Relations with Customers (p.66-67) PDF File(388KB)
Making Safe Vehicles (p.68-69) PDF File(144KB)
Making User-Friendly Vehicles (p70) PDF File(208KB)
Society (p.71-75) PDF File(1.0MB)
Initiatives Toward Traffic Safety (p.71) PDF File(344KB)
Philanthropic Activities (p.72) PDF File(216KB)
Activities with Local Communities (p.73) PDF File(244KB)
Dialog with Stakeholders (p.74) PDF File(88KB)
Toward Sustainable Mobility (p.75) PDF File(164KB)
Business Partners (p.76-77) PDF File(472KB)
Dealers (p.76) PDF File(200KB)
Suppliers (p.77) PDF File(280KB)
Employees (p.78-81) PDF File(336KB)
Labor-Management Relations (p.78) PDF File(124KB)
Safety and Health (p.79) PDF File(84KB)
Human Resources Development (p.80) PDF File(36KB)
Diversity and Equal Opportunities (p81) PDF File(124KB)
Shareholders (p.82-83) PDF File(268KB)
Economic Performance (p.82) PDF File(88KB)
Company Outline (p.84-85) PDF File(184KB)
-Third-Party Report on Environmental & Social Report 2003 (p.84) PDF File(148KB)

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