Busines Partners
Respect for all People — This is one of the themes in the corporate image Toyota seeks to project in the future, described in the "Global Vision 2010." Toyota seeks to become a truly global enterprise that is respected by all peoples around the world, and is promoting management with an emphasis on all of its stakeholders. Toyota believes that its responsibility as a company, and its raison d’etre, lies in bringing about such results as providing excellent products to its consumers, contributing to the social and economic development of the local community and global society while respecting the environment, human rights, and employment, providing business partners with opportunities to do business, raising stock value for shareholders through stable long-term growth, and making it possible for employees to take pride in their work and achieve a prosperous lifestyle.
This section introduces the social and economic aspects of Toyota’s activities, considered important in terms of their relation with all of Toyota’s stakeholders, including customers, society, local communities, suppliers, dealers and employees, and provides information on the development of the fundamental thinking, environmental initiatives and systems of Toyota Motor Corporation (Japan) on an unconsolidated basis.
Based on the customer first policy, Toyota is making safe, user-friendly vehicles by placing high values on customers­ ideas.
Toyota is actively promoting philanthropic activities such as traffic safety campaigns.
About Toyota­s relations with approximately 5,800 vehicle sales outlets as well as relations with suppliers based on an open door policy.
About Toyota­s initiative toward creating good workplace environments.
Representative economic performance indicators for Toyota Motor Corporation.
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