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Executive Message (P2 - 3)
Corporate Philosophy (P4 - 6)
Corporate Governance (P7)
Establishing Compliance (P8)
Environmental Aspects
Environmental Management (P10 - 23)
Basic Concepts with Regard to the Environment
Implementation Structure
Status of Achievement of the Third Toyota Environmental Action Plan
The Fourth Toyota Environmental Action Plan
FY2005 Status of Company-wide Environmental Policies
Environment-related Accidents
Initiatives for Consolidated Environmental Management
TMC Initiatives at Overseas Affiliates
 Examples of Initiatives at Overseas Affiliates
Expanding ISO 14001 Certification Acquisition
Global Environmental Data
Improving Environmental Performance Through Global Projects
Environmental Accounting
Development and Design (P24 - 29)
Product Environmental Management
Development of Clean-energy Vehicles
Improving Fuel Efficiency
Reduction of VOC Inside the Cabin
Reducing Exhaust Emissions
Application of Eco-VAS to All New Models
Reducing External Automobile Noise
Production and Logistics (P30 - 35)
Resource Conservation Activities
Production Environment Management
Water Consumption / Air and Water Quality Data
Legal Compliance Activities
Proactive Preventive Measures
Prevention of Global Warming
CO2 Emissions Reduction Activities in Japan
Reducing Substances of Concern
Reducing Packaging and Wrapping Materials
Recycling (P36 - 38)
Initiatives in the Development and Design Stage
Reduction of Substances of Concern
Development of Dismantling Technologies
Responses to the Automobile Recycling Law
Development of Recycling Technologies
Steady Progress in Recycling at Dealers and Parts Distributors
Hybrid Vehicle Batteries Recycling System in Japan
Other Businesses (P39 - 41)
Biotechnology and Afforestation Businesses
Housing Business
Appendix (P42 - 44)
Social Aspects
Customers (P46 - 48)
Toyota's Customer First Policy
Protection of Personal Information
 Examples of Overseas Initiatives
Improving Customer Satisfaction through Mobile Service Vans (India)
Employees (P49 - 55)
Sharing the Toyota Way
Labor-Management Relations Based on Mutual Trust and Respect
Human Resource Development
Respect for Diversity
Safety and Health
 Examples of Overseas Initiatives
Employee Housing Constructed in Conjunction with New Plant Construction (Indonesia)
Fostering Employees Who Can Think and Act on Their Own (Vietnam)
Business Partners (P56 - 60)
Relations with Suppliers
Relations with Sales Networks
Relations with Dealers in Japan
Relationship with Overseas Distributors
 Examples of Overseas Initiatives
Implementing Training for Suppliers and Creating Common Values (South Africa)
Shareholders (P61)
Global Society/Local Communities (P62 - 77)
Initiatives toward Improving Traffic Safety
Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)
Social Contribution Activities
The Environment
Culture and the Arts
Volunteer Activities
 Examples of Overseas Initiatives
Environmental and Philanthropic Activities Conducted on the National and Regional Levels (Thailand)
Greening of 715 School Grounds Nationwide (Canada)
Supporting Exhibits Highlighting the Importance of Water (U.S.A.)
Environmental Protection Awards for Youth Created (China)
TME Conducts the Road Safety Tour Through Europe 2005 with European Red Cross (Europe)
Traffic Safety Education Program Aimed at First-year Elementary School Students (Vietnam)
Working together with an NGO to Implement Driver Skills Program Targeted at High School Students (New Zealand)
Providing Periodic Healthcare Service in Poverty-stricken Areas (The Philippines)
Supporting "Hitozukuri" through "Monozukuri" Courses and Robot Contests (Vietnam)
Supporting Financial Independence of Women and Impoverished People (Saudi Arabia)
Toyota Production System Support Center Assists North American Manufacturing Industries (North America)
 Examples of Overseas Initiatives
Two-way Communication with Tomorrow's Decision Makers (Thailand)
Environmental Programs Held within TMMF Site in Cooperation with an Environmental NGO (France)
Economic Aspects
Business Results and Global Expansion of Business (P78 - 79)
Special Story:
Providing the Freedom of Mobility to a Greater Number of Customers (P80 - 82)
Independent Report (P83)

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