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Executive Message
Special Feature
The Quality Issue: Background and Future Prospects
Development and Expansion of Next-Generation Environment considering Vehicles
Contributing to Society through Making Cars
Corporate Philosophy and Structures
Corporate Philosophy
Corporate Governance / Compliance
Environmental Aspects
Environmental Philosophy (pp. 16-23)
Principles, Policies and the Toyota Environmental Action Plan
The Fifth Toyota Environmental Action Plan
The Fourth Toyota Environmental Action Plan(FY2009 status of action)
Energy/Global Warming (p. 24-31)
Further Reducing CO2 Emissions in Global Business Activities
Developing Technologies to Achieve the Best Fuel Efficiency Per orm nce in Every Country and Region
Promoting the Development, Effective Introduction and Expansion of Clean Energy Vehicles
Using Network Technologies to Improve Traffic Flow
Incentive Program Continues with Tax Reductions and Subsidies
Reduction of CO2 Emissions in TMC's Production Activities
Reduction of CO2 Emissions in the Logistics Activities of Each Country and Region
Global Production Environment Data (CO2) / CO2 Conversion Coefficients to Calculate CO2Emissions Volume / Examples of Overseas Initiatives
Recycling of Resources (pp. 32-35)
TMC Initiatives to Further Promote the Effective Use of Resources and Contribute to the Realization of a Recycling-based Society
Reduction of Water Consumption at TMC
Steady Implementation of Recycling Systems in Japan and Europe
Further Promotion and Widespread Application of the Design for Recycling Concept
Production Environment Data (Japan) (Total Volume of Materials Discarded) / Global Production Environment Data (Waste and Water Consumption) / Examples of Overseas Initiatives
Substances of Concern (pp. 36-37)
Promote Management of and Further Reductions in the Use of Substances of Concern
Reduction of the Discharge of Substances Subject to PRTR due to TMC Production Activities / Production Environment Data (Japan) (PRTR) / Examples of Overseas Initiatives
Atmospheric Quality (pp. 38-39)
Reduction of Emissions to Improve Air Quality in Urban Areas in All Countries and Regions
TMC's VOC Emissions Reduction Activities
Production Environment Data (Japan) (VOC Emissions) / Examples of Overseas Initiatives
Environmental Management (pp. 40-47)
Actions of Environment Committee in Each Country
Consolidated Environmental Management Action Policies and Results
Biodiversity Conservation Activities
Systematization and Enactment of Environmental Education
Further promotion of Environmental Management at Business Partners
Promotion of New Businesses That Contribute to Environmental Improvements
Steady Reduction of Environmental Impact over the Entire Vehicle Lifecycle through Implementation of Eco-VAS
Legal Compliance Activities
Activities of Sustainable Plants
Examples of Overseas Initiatives
Other Businesses (pp. 48-49)
Housing Business
Appendix (pp. 50-53)
Status of Major Environmental Data
Volume of Resources Input and Volume of Substances Discharged from Production Plants and Logistics Actiitis
Environmental Data for New and Fully Changed Models
Status of ISO 14001 Certification
Continued Reporting
Major Environmental Awards
Scope of Companies Subject to Consolidated EMS
Main Companies Subject to Consolidated EMS
Environmental Accounting
Social Aspects
Relations with Customers (pp. 54-58)
Response to Customers
Response to the Quality Issue in Each Area
Examples of Overseas Initiatives
Universal Design(UD)
Partner Robot
Relations with Employees (pp. 59-67)
Sharing the Toyota Way
Human Resource Development
Respect for Diversity
Safety and Health
Examples of Overseas Initiatives
Employment Initiatives
Relations with Business Partners (pp. 68-70)
Collaboration with Suppliers
Collaboration with Sales Networks
Examples of Overseas Initiatives
Relations with Shareholders (p. 71)
Global Society / Local Communities (pp. 72-85)
Initiatives for Improving Traffic Safety
Principles and Policies for Social Contribution
Environmental Initiatives
Traffic Safety
Society and Cultures
Major Overseas Activities
Examples of Overseas Initiatives
Examples of Overseas Initiatives
Economic Aspects
Financial Results and Global Expansion (pp. 86-89)
Financial Results
Global Expansion
Four-year Chronological Summary of Overseas Initiatives (Social Aspects)
Independent Report/Web Sites for Overseas Affiliates' Reports

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